Almond tart with no almonds

Tong Kee has a different idea of almond tarts than i do.

I bought an almond tart, a mini egg tart and a normal egg tart during brekkie at Old Town..


The top right is the almond tart RM1.50. It HAD almonds in it. but almond niblets. Sucks! Sigh. but i like the biscuit part of the tart.. It should be renamed almond CAKE tart. Only had half.. saved the other half for later.I should have just eaten the cheese tart.

Mini tart was great! Yum. and the egg tart (big one) is for dear.

I had a usual Nanyang Kopi C at Old Town.

Dear had a mee Jawa but i have no pic cos i totally forgot my camera-also forgot it for lunch!

We went home and watched “Where Got Ghost?”, a Jack Neo film.

Based on three stories. Kinda scary though it was only a Hor-medy. I still prefer Money No Enough II. Thought that was funnier!

During the movie, dear had his egg tart while i had my honey stars and some wheat thins.

We headed to lunch at Hong Seng Coffeeshop, Section 17 Road 17/38

The fav Teochew porridge wasn’t open.. so me and dear had vegetarian food since it’s a friday..


I had some lots of brinjals, taters cooked in some kinda herbs, and fake char siew.

The taters and brinjals were good but the charsiew was on the bland side.

Gramps ordered Real Char Siew.. and Siew Yuk.. along with Choy Keok.

choy keok

I had some choy keok. Was not boiling hot. kinda disappointing also cos so little veg. I think the standard of this chicken rice/char siew shop has dropped a little.

Even gramps think the char siew and siew yuk wasn’t too good. I think we’ll only come back here for the Teochew porridge and veg food (for me) the next time around.

We headed to Carrefour for the prunes deal-RM5.99 compared to RM9.99

Tropicana City Mall has very bad design. They don’t maximize the space in the carpark. plus you have to validate you ticket though you’ve given the counter to “get a free parking” unlike Tesco.

I spotted this in Carrefour..


Yum.. opened it when i came home. it seriously tasted like Skippy Roasted Honey PB. i wanted to buy that PB but it cost RM16! I would have paid it myself, but i didn’t want gramps to pay. so i’m waiting till some other day to get it. But there was only two left though.

SAM! When are you coming back? I want nut butter!

We took a nap.. i know. such pigs! hehe

Got up. made dinner for dear since he’s off to work.. i feel i’m very “instant cook” kinda person cos everything i cook now is instant, except fried eggs. Must cook pasta one day!

While watching dear eat, i had me half of my almond tart, and half a orange after he left.

Studied som AFA. Current cost accounting, i hate you.

We couldn’t decide where to go for dinner. So we headed to Chandran mamak in Aman Puri..


Had me a Teh C. No foam. Boo.


Grandma had a roti telur. I had the eggy part and all the vege from the curry.

chicken soup

I also had chicken soup. VERY peppery. i guess that’s indian soup for you. I love thefried onions but they don’t have as much onions as Kayu’s chicken soup. The chicken pieces were quite soft and tender.

Came home.. had a prune. .

And studied and read up the damn assignment.

I PRAY i can get through this International Business.

God’s almighty and he can work miracles.



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