Sakae with wonderful people

So great to have the people you love around you..

Had lunch with dear and pik san + Svun.. (Yes, i do somehow think you’re wonderful, pik san) :p

Anyway.. with a MyStyle voucher in hand, we headed to Sakae sushi for lunch!

Dear was lateish due to the jam, so we started off first..


Clockwise from top left: Shishamo makimono, soft shell crab crepe, Ura Maki, Hana Maki..

Hana Maki: So smooth and velvety was the salmon..

Soft Shell Crab crepe: Soft shell crab, cucumber and inari wrapped with crepe.. aways a fav

Ura Maki: reverse roll crunchy salmon skin enveloped with Smooth salmon

I had those three before dear came.. makes me so happy!


Dear had a Makimono which had Tempura Prawn, reverse roll.. topped with fish floss..


Reverse roll with crunchy salmon skin and cucumber topped with unagi slices

This unagi makimono is also my fav. but i didn’t have any cos i was saving it for..


I just couldn’t resist!!! Kakiage! And a big portion too this time around..

Dear ordered some other green plates, so did pik san and svun..

The Mystyle voucher saved us RM5.90 x 7 x 1.15

So worth it..

Food: 8.5/10 | Price: 6.5/10 | Ambience: 7/10 | Service: 7/10

Sakae Sushi, 1Utama

PS: After lunch, dear still had some stomach left for rotiboy.. i had the stomach left for the topping of one rotiboy! hehe



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