Prosperity burger

Last night, sleep was not so good.. so i skipped running in the morning..

Sent dear off to work and i went back to bed.. And got up late!!!


Luckily, breakfast was prepped overnight.. which means..


Overnight oats in Skippy PB jar..

1/4 cup oats, 1/4 cup emmi pineapple yoghurt, 1/4 cup soy milk..

Mixed with some All-bran complete wheat flakes, which softened up in the mix.. no good.. bunches are still the better bet.

So good in the jar because EVERY spoonful had PB flava!!!

Also had a cuppa


Some more nuts and a prune, and off to college..

My fuel gauge is still having some prob cos it shows empty though there’s petrol still in the tank.. scares me once in awhile..

BPC was ok today. Lecturer was on time! AMAZING. next tuesdays (note the plural), there are extra classes.. 😦

Lunch was with Gramps at McD!!

Prosperity burger is back!


Twister Fries vs Curly Fries (A&W), A&W wins..

I had some fries.. more than i should have

and a bite of the burger.


Grandma was removing the onions.

The meat was really soft. Gramps think there’s an improvement compared to last year..

Also a Christmas blend with milk..


IB was alright.. kinda boring..

Came home..

Fuel before run..


Tried the Honey Maid i bought yesterday. Slightly soft. I don’t know why.. But i still heart the Wheat Thins.. I miss Weetables though..

I’m gonna run in 10 mins..



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