Eggs + Milk=

Really creamy scrambled eggs..

After workout was an apple.. half an apple..



Studied.. lunched..


No..i didn’t eat the carrots plain. I had them with some Melrose ABC spread!

The scrambled eggs were made with a splash of milk. the secret to making wonderful creamy scrambled eggs!! Delish!’

Also a Chewy Trail mix..

Watched Simon Baker.. (Mentalist).. wrapped some presents..


waited for dear to get up.. he got up at 5..

accompanied him for his "tea”? hehe..

had my other half of the apple then..

Throughout the day.. cashews and almonds were had. hehe..

It’s been a while since we went to Happy City Food court in Kepong..

And we enjoyed it alot today!

Need i say more??

These two were no doubt delicious!!!

But i’m beginning to find paying RM7 for ochien each trip burning a hole in the wallet..

But we live to eat right?



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