Pineapple oats

Was planning to wake up uber early to run, but i snoozed the alarm… instead of 5.20am, i woke up at 740am..

Dear was supposed to come meet me after his night shift.. but missed the 715 bus.. has to wait till 845am! Damn buses.

Anywho.. so brekkie was prepped last night..


Overnight oats.. made with..

1/4 cup of Emmi Swiss yoghurt-pineapple


I had the leftovers for dinner last night(totally forgot to post that!)

1/4 cup of soy milk and 1/4 cup oats..

In the morning, i added some All-Bran cereal and Special K Berries.. (No more bunches!!) And some cashews and almonds! YUM!

The overnight oats had a tropical flavour cos of the pineapple. i love the pineapple yoghurt..

Coffee to wake me up


Ain’t the cup cute! Aunt got it from a Nestle launching! hehe.

Did some changing of bedsheets and i’m off to run soon!



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