Kenny Roger’s Roasters

Woke up earlier this morning to fit in a run.. Had a coffee and 2 Fibre Gullon biscuits.

Worked-out.. feel so great doing it in the morning so that i don’t have to think about it the rest of the day..

Breakfast was..


Half an orange and Kelloggs K Time Raspberry apple twist (from the fridge).

I like the bar from the fridge cos it’s not so soft.. but i think there’s too much sugar coating or something cos when the bar warmed up, it started glistening.

The orange was so sweet.. Considering it was 7 for RM10 at the Thursday Pasar Malam..

Met up with Akak Jean and Jack at Melaka Corner. I had bites of here and there of the family’s brekkie! hehe. The four of them managed to buy food worth up to RM40!

Anyway, our intention of going to 1 Utama today was to take my gramps to watch 2012! I find it so cute that they went and watch together.

I actually lugged my laptop around cos i thought i was going to be alone, so i thought’ i’d use some wifi. But Akak Jack decided to stay, and we did a helluva shopping!

And i got my xmas present from Akak Jack already! But i have yet to wrap it!

After the show, which seemed a very long time, we went to Kenny Roger’s for late lunch (3pm)

I had my fav Round-up platter RM8.50


Golden Corn and Carrot, Garlic Potato Parsley, Mac & Cheese

Presentation-wise, was terrible. They didn’t even bother to clean the plate. Portion-wise, not too bad. My fav was of course-mac & Cheese..

Potato Salad-i still like Nando’s more!


Grandma had a quarter chicken with 2portions of fruits (which i had some) and a portion of Golden Corn and Carrot (RM15.90)

I realised they increased the price!!!!!


Grampa also had a 1/4 chicken with salad and mash potato.

The chicken was quite good. moist and juicy. But it had the chickeny smell (i don’t know how to explain)..


Delish muffins! Ran out of naner muffins, so we had 2 naner and one vanilla. i had the banana one! Do you know one of their tiny little muffins is 195 kcal? Just a thought…

I still ate it all!

Walked about. my shoulders were ACHING!!

Hunted for Grandma’s pressie to Akaks.. Not easy..

Ended up paying RM5 of parking!!! We were there for 7 hours and 3mins! If we had left 3 mins earlier..we would’ve saved RM2!

Anyway, came home.. took max out..did some weeding..

Studied.. blogged.. and soon it was 7..

Prepped something quick to eat..


Other half of the really sweet orange.

I tried a new PB today!


Skippy natural.. it tastes really like the Jif one, but looks shinier.. and chunkier!!!


Had it on a toasted sweet bun dear’s sis bought from Sarawak and has been sitting in my fridge for a while.

Had some nuts.. and 3spoonfuls of Starbucks ice cream!!!

Ok.. i did some studying.. but i doubt anything went into my head.. i need to be more systematic..

I really want to watch Cyril.. but i’m really tired now.. my eyes are about to shut..

I’m gonna sleep…



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