How great is our God

Not only i’m obssessed with Chris Tomlin’s how great is our God, i believe that our God is great. For everything He has blessed me with! My family, my dear, my friends, my 5 senses, everything i want and need, He has given me no matter how many times i’ve seen. Our God is an awesome God!

Sorry, i just felt like laying it out there..

Anyway, i woke up to dear’s call this morning. i was so blur and kept asking him why he was at work. I thought he worked night shift! haha. he actually was working morning today!

I got up to my cereal brekkie


All-bran complete wheat flakes, Kelloggs berries cereal, and what’s left of the honey bunches of oats and milk. Time for restocking!

And also a tsp of Melrose ABC (sam, i’m waiting for you to come back with more nut butters for me!), and a tsp of Skippy Honey Roasted PB!

With berries cereal in milk which became blueberry milk, came blueberry coffee..


Gosh, i didn’t know my coffee looked so cool! look at the swirls! haha

Ok. i’m done updating, now going running!



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