Goal #1

I realised that if you set your goal to broad, you’ll never achieve it.

Example: If you say, i want to lose weight.

But there are so many things to do and maybe you can’t take it at first. you’ll need to cut down on so many kinds of food, exercise.. etc..

So for me, it’s mostly the eating, since i exercise daily..

I’m going to start creating goals.. and i believe that the goal you make, will turn into an habit.. you’ll see what i mean.

My goal #1: To avoid deep fried foods except my fav kakiage and soft shell crab

I know it will be hard at the beginning, but eventually, it’ll become a habit, and i can then move on to the next goal!

Anyway, onto foods…

Lunch was quick, 1/2 hour break only! Boo!

I bought some deep fried fish (my goal was made only after dinner, so please excuse my foods for the day!) and a Nescafe. I was practically wearing a winter jacket, and i still felt cold in class!

Also had my luncheon meat sandwich from the luncheon meat yesterday!


Nom nom nom.. A piece of luncheon meat between a piece of Sourdough bread (last piece!).. really chewy bread..

Then back to another 2 and 1/2 hours of AFA! why can’t they just stick to historical cost accounting???

Anyway, back home, munched on some kuaci and a prune.

Then off to Pasar malam after an episode of the Mentalist!

Bought some fruits.. and ate a very unhealthy dinner!

Mat Tou Yau.


They made yam available recently! today was with yam, palm fruit (atapci), red beans and sweet potatoes.

What made dinner unhealthy was


Aren’t you drooling, Pik San!

Deep fried sotong from uncle bob. RM5.50.. And the worst part is that it wasn’t at great as last time. It was a bit difficult to bite so it’s like you’ll have to put the whole thing in your mouth and chew away. sigh..


Grandma decided to try the “Fatty Nonya” chicken with Mihun (RM5). Not bad, but Grandma didn’t like the smell!

Went home with full tums tums especially after Gramps had a plate of Hokkien noodles!

Studied a little and i kinda began to panic for my exams. cos when i looked through the sample questions, i think i’m screwed for the essay questions. I don’t even know how to structure the answers!

What wonderful lecturers i have don’t i?



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