Cashews and almonds

Had a half a pear after my workout. no more peckham pears i love cos their expensive!

Anyway, we headed to Kelana Jaya for lunch.. well.. gramps had lunch..

Restoran Jamal Mohamed which has the famous char kuey teow (Fried Flat noodles) without pork lard..

This CKT was originally frim the Restoran Subang Ria which is along the same row, but apparently, the rent or something increased, so quite a few of the hawker stalls moved from Subang Ria to Jamal Mohamed.

chau kway teow

RM6.50 because of the extra egg and extra prawns. Otherwise, it would be RM3.50 for a small. Maybe we shoudln’t ask for extra prawns the next time around.

Grandma asked for Mee and Kuey Teow. She says it tastes better. This was less spicy cos grandma’s stomach can’t take it..

It was good. Full of wok hei and the spicy sauce is what makes the dish. Sadly, the eggs were all mixed up together, so there weren’t large pieces of eggs like Lorong Seratus Tahun. I had some

Grampa ate the famous nasi lemak there too.. see Boolicious for the review.

Food: 8/10 | Price: 7/10 | Ambience: 5/10

Restoran Jamal Mohamed

24, Jalan SS5A/9
Kelana Jaya

We then dropped by the bank.. Ambank to be exact. We found out that everytime we put in RM100 or more worth of coins-my granma collects coins. They charge RM5! So ridiculous since they never once mentioned it before. I was kinda pissed off cos i felt like it was such a rip off!!

anyways, after that, we headed to Giant Kota Damansara where i had a bite at Wendys.

I had my fav chilli


Not cheap though. Rm5.99. but delicious.

Grampa had a beefburger (RM3.49)


He said it was better than McD and more worth it than a donut. lol

And we shared a large fries (RM4)



No where near carl’s jr!!

We shopped at Giant cos we thought they had reasonably priced prunes. We were wrong. Grandma saw the ad which meant for JB. I feel it’s unfair cos how can you have two different prices considering it’s the same hypermarket.

Anyway, so we bought the essentials only since i prefer Tesco..

We whiled away our time since it was raining cats and dogs.

Came home..

Roasted some cashews and almonds!


Yum!! Had some too!

watched some tv.. Mentalist!

And prepped dinner.. dear’s late.. again..

I had dinner by my lonesome self.


I had a instant veg soup. Tesco’s light choices range.


Quite yummy. not overly salty and perfect thick-ish consistency. Had bits of instant noodles in it too.


Dinner was a piece of bread from the multigrain roll bought from Patisfance ages ago.. 

One salmon sausage with scrambled eggs

Carrots with drizzled Melrose ABC spread.

The eggs were had with this.


This jar or sambal cost a hefty RM10. Grandma bought two of these during CNY from Thursday Chow yang Pasar Malam. I bought them again yesterday. It isn’t as crispy as i remembered. but still quite delish and not oily!

I’m still waiting for dear..  guess i’ll do some accounting while doing so. Ta!



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