Luncheon meat

I remember when i was young, i loved luncheon meat. I would always eat them when it came to economy rice.

Until i began watching out for my health. then i stopped cos i realise it’s really bad and has all sorts of strange meat in it.


i suppose now and then it’s ok? Hehe.

Lunch was really early. well what i mean early is that within a span of few hours from brekkie. Dear did most of the work cos i wasn’t feeling too well.. been feeling really cold lately, and sometimes, i feel really hot, yet, no fever. And i’ve been having stomach uncomfort. PMS? Not sure.


We baked the luncheon meat instead of frying it which is what most economy rice places do. Baking it in hopes that the oil will drip down to the bottom. I don’t think it did. But it’s better than frying it in more oil right?

Other things for lunch was..


Frozen brocolli and cauliflower nuked in the microwave. Some soy sauce on the side..

Baked beans, with an egg. Which made it really thick.. no good to put egg in thick sauce baked beans.

Also had two pieces of small multigrain bread.

Drove to college. I nearly wasn’t up to it. Was not feeling well.

Wished i had accepted dear’s offer to drop me at college cos it rained!!!! And i dislike driving in the rain. plus, there was a horrible jam on the way back!

Happy to be home but not long later, we had to leave for church. Daily mass since dear wouldn’t be able to attend this sat.

We were almost late due to the jam.

After mass, we headed to Subang for my fav dessert!

But dinner was at Nanking coffee shop. I didn’t want anything.. i just wanted my dessert. hehe..

We walked over to Happy Beans..


Dear’s smoothie cincau with pearls, barley and green beans.. The barley looked really big. hehe.


My “dinneR”.. i just had this cos my tumtum felt funny. Yam, green beans and large red beans smoothie cincau! Delish. Smooth and silky cincau.. chunky yam, and beans beans! It’s actually very balanced..

Protein from beans.. carb from the yam.. 🙂

Met dear’s friend.. and walked to “Bliss cafe 33” nearby. Just had drinks.

By the time we came home, it was 10ish and time to hit the sack!!


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