Aman Puri night and day

Though i’ve always doubt that Aman Puri has anything edible, there are a few that are o-k.

Last night, we went to Yap Fong Bak Kut Teh in Aman Puri (next to the where Hoppy used to be).

We ordered two one-person portions.


One “black” one.. Claypot pork cooked in “black/dark” soy sauce with dried sotong (squid), dried chillies, and ladies fingers.

This is the signature dish in this shop. delish! And very appetising.


The claypot pork in herbal broth was good too. But i still prefer the Klang one cos this one is smaller and the Klang one has more meat.


3 bowls of Tofu Pok (Dried beancurd in soup). we were hungry. need i say more?


Two bowls of Yau Char Kwai. Though it is nothing compared to “i love yoo”’s Yau char Kwai, dunked in the herbal broth, it’s delicious!

The bill came to about RM32. I think this place is kinda pricy for the portions. But you can’t find the dark version anywhere else.

Though much was eaten, me and dear were still quite hungry. maybe cos it was raining and cold. Anyway, gramps were stuffed, so dessert was out of the question.

So dear came home to some yoghurt, and ate some Kuaci (sunflower seeds) with me. hehe.

This morning, we headed to Aman Puri again for brekkie with gramps.

Pappa Rich this time.

Pappa Rich is another version of Old Town, except more expensive.

The coffee i find is better than Old Town though..


Same price-RM2.80. not too sweet. Gramps like the white coffee too

Teh C is not bad too..


But other than that, everything is expensive.. not worth eating.. maybe except toast


I ordered a Roti Kulit with PB. RM3.50. The bread didn’t have much skin on it. So called roti kulit. Just a bare thin layer.

Lots of PB was given though. and i forgot to tell them no margerine on the bread cos i feel it doesn’t make a difference. So why waste cals? lol


Dear ordered a porridge-Chiecken and peanut (RM7.90). You have to add your own soy sauce. Besides the crispy anchovies/ikan bilis, there’s really nothing much to shout about..

Gramps shared a plate of char kuey teow which is quite ok standard for this kinda place where you expect what’s good is only the toast and coffee. But super expensive (RM8.90).

Our will came up to RM33 ish, more expensive than the BKT last night.

Sigh. So these are the two “edible” places in Aman Puri, besides Tong Kee and Old Town.

I really miss my old home where access to good food was so easy, and we didn’t appreciate it that time.

Remember, appreciate what you have, for you don’t realise until you lose it, like good food.


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