Fries temptation

After workout, was an overnight oats breakfast.


1/4 cup oats, pink grapefruit Emmi swiss yoghurt, and soya bean milk

The pink grapefruit yoghurt gave a tang to the oatmeal. quite nice. not overly bitter from the grapefruit.

This morning, toppings were added. I think i had too much toppings. hehe.

All-Bran, Bunches (i’m running out), left over almonds, and less than a 1/2 tsp of wheat germ

I totally didn’t listen during IB today! Feel so guilty!

After IB, me, Pik San and Svun headed to 1 Utama (usual plan on Tues).

My ORIGINAL plan was to have a late-ish brekkie, so that i won’t be hungry for lunch. but i WAS kinda hungry.

We were headed to Dave’s Deli for lunch. 30% off on weekdays is quite a good deal. But i still didn’t feel like eating. After their revamp of the menu, i find that the chicken doesn’t look as good as last time as previously, i remembered they had roasted vege, and really good mashed potato.

Anyway, while Svun ordered Spaghetti Carbonara, and Pik San got a mash potato (no pics, cam was on the dining table), i headed over to Starbucks to get me some coffee..

Been wanting to try their Christmas blend. Yesterday, the new branch’s machine wasn’t in order, so today, i went to the Old Wing branch, and i got me a Grande coffee-Christmas Blend!

I realised that you can make your own latte (though not as delish) by ordering a coffee, and requesting for some hot milk. Mix it yourself, and you’ve got a hot latte!

I had my Kashi Trail Mix bar i brought along too..

And then… I was craving for FRIES!! CARL’s JR fries!and was bugging pik san and svun to share with me!



Gramps picked me up soon after..

Came back home.. Had a prune, a tsp of PB.. hehe..

I’m off to watch tv..



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