Tong Kee Egg Tart

I seriously missed my Tong Kee egg tart. So that’ s what i had today!

Though we went to Old Town. I walked over to the nearby Tong Kee to buy an egg tart.



The left one is mine-butter. And the right one is dear’s-regular with pork lard.

I also had a Nanyang Kopi C at Old Town.



Dear fetched me to college. Turns out, next week is the last week of my AFA class. Woo hoo! hehe.

And next monday, no class due to some talk we’ll have to go to about money. i realy don’t want to go! And the Accomodations department of my college called me once again to do some “work” for them. I told them i’m too busy with me assignments. I am!

After IB, gramps picked me up and we headed to 1 Utama for a quick late lunch.

We went to Little cravings. Normally, OneCard outlets allow points collections. Now there are shops, such as Little cravings, which don’t allow so, and only allows points deduction. Which i went twice, and the “cashier” wasn’t around. I think then, they shouldn’t be called OneCard outlets.

Anyway, i had Mak Chuk today (wheat porridgE)


Reminds me of oats! hehe. but sweet!


Yam Cake. Lots of chunky yam. but RM4. worth it? expensive!

Gramps had two red bean tong sui.

And curry chee cheong fun. and Grandma’s fav kueh bakar.

I’m off to run soon. Haven’t ran in two days! WOW!





4 thoughts on “Tong Kee Egg Tart

    • Nanyang Kopi C is a malaysian style of coffee. Nanyang is the name. Kopi means Coffee in Malay (now you know a word in malay! 🙂 ) C indicates it’s made with evaporated milk instead of condensed milk (normally used!).

      Yam cake was yum!

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