Unfueled workout

I totally woke up late for my workout this morning. Gosh.. i overslept until 630am! So i worked out without any fuel.. which is so bad cos i only managed to do two intervals of my run. NO GOOD!!!!

Anyway, brekkie was..


Yum! Cereal! All-bran complete wheat flakes, some bunches, and a teaspoon of ABC Melrose spread-plus added Skippy PB later on.

A cup of coffee.. so good..

Went to college.. Gramps fetched me since dear was picking me up after college-his off day today..

BPC was ok. stuff we’ve learnt the semester before..

Lunch.. not much of a lunch.. since it was only 1130am..

i had me some ice-cream!


Perils of praline Baskin Robbins to be exact! SO GOOD! Low fat yoghurt, with pecas.. so yummy!!! I want more!!!

IB was boring.. as usual.. i asked my lecturer about distribution for Starbucks, but i didn’t really understand him. I’m hoping to finish my draft soon to let the lecturers see.

Met dear after college, where we went to pick his bro up, Desmond, and met his sister, Winnie at mines.


View from the resort. They call it a beach in the city cos they actually had a man made beach there! How cool!

We walked around abit. had a snack of Desmond’s pandan sponge cake. and tea. How english! haha.

After dear bathed, we watched tv abit.

By 7, we walked over to Mines and decided to eat at Carl’s Jr.

This is one of the GOOD fast food joints, but sadly, not many people come cos of the price…

The burgers are enormous, the fries are the best!, and i love the onion rings (i didn’t order any)


I didn’t want any burger cos i wanted fries and fried zucchini


That’s what TWO large fries look like. I had most of the fried zucchini, and too much fries! haha.. lovely.. They’re crispy on the inside, and so “fleshy” unlike empty mcD fris.. And the skin is on! I believe they fry these when you order too..


Dear’s ginormous Famous Star burger. Combo with drinks and Fries.. Drinks are refillable too..

Dear’s sis ordered an extra chicken strips.


It’s chicken breast, which i guess makes it better than you regular ol’ nuggets. You can actually see the meat. The coating reminded me of something, but i just can’t put my finger on it.

I was stuffed though i didn’t eat much. but i don’t think today was a healthy day! lol..
Food: 8.5/10 | Price: 6/10 | Ambience: 8/10 | Service: 7/10

Carl’s Jr, Mines Shopping Centre


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