Happy Anniversary..

12 November.. The date (unofficial) which me and dear got together in 2006.. It’s been three years. and we chose today to have a big fight.

Who has their wedding on CHRISTMAS??????

Dear as usual, chose to go to his friend’s wedding on Christmas.. i just find it difficult to understand how he can say “yes” to his friend so easily. while it is so hard to say “yes” to me?

Thank God for Pik San, or else, i think i would’ve just walked home, cancelled the dinner.

Anyway, she knocked some sense into me. but i still can’t seem to understand him.. It just seems that every year, there must be some celebration he must screw up. I don’t ask for 365 days a year. I don’t even see him everyday. and he says we “meet often”.. sigh.. i shouldn’t be mentioning so much of this in my food blog.. lol..Anyway, back to the eats,

Brekkie and lunch was very fruity..


I had one Peckham pear, topped with some bunches and all-bran cereal. of course eaten with some Skippy PB..


Also tried this Nescafe mild.


Don’t really like it. They claim its creamy, but i don’t think so!

My BPC lecturer came in an hour late, but smartly gave us some work first.

AFA was.. complicating and new.. which meant time flew!

Half an hour lunch was filled with:


I seriously contemplated on going to Starbucks for a hazelnut cappuccino, but i wanted to save money. so i settled with a nescafe from the cafeteria, with some fried prawns. and my apple!:)

Dear picked me up from college.. and we went to watch 2012!

Had some popcorn-Cathay popcorn is the BEST!

2012 is a great show. super cool effects. But as dear said, it was slightly fake, because “how come all the rocks, fire, etc, didn’t “kena” the people?”. lol.. expected a sad ending like Armegeddon, but nah.. A good wake-up call to make sure we watch out for the environment. Go Green!

After movie, we went to Tony Roma’s for our anniversary dinner!

Decided on Tony Roma’s since dear hadn’t  tried the ribs there before..

First up, complimentary bread (which we didn’t know could be restocked!)


Omg.. the “green” butter-garlic with herbs, was so good!!!!!!  wanted more. The bread was quite nice. but sadly, they don’t have the bread like in Italliannies, where they have the multigrain ones. But the bread was slightly crisp and soft on the inside..

Refillable juice RM8.90 :


We also ordered an add-on of the soup..


Onion and beef soup (RM5.90 for add-on). Quite a small portion.. but was quite good. the beef was quite fatty, i guess that’s what made it good. The crackers were normal and almost sweet. And uber thin. Reminded me of some cheese crackers i used to eat when i was young. But i thought it was kinda pathetic to serve it packed like that in a place like this.

Our entree came first.

ribs combo

Dear got a ribs combo with miami fried shrimp, mashed taters, and corn (RM49.90)

Mashed taters-almost the best ever! With the skin and some bacon? SO GOOD! i want more!

Corn-they gave some butter to slather on the corn. which made it good. and that’s a big corn!

Shrimps: They butterflied it and bread crumbed it. I had 3 of them! Which was also very very nice!! With the sauce-i’m not sure what it was..

The ribs-Ok.. i think my expectations were too high. I expected it to be falling of the bone. but it wasn’t. Taste wise, quite good. The crust tasted like “BBQ pork”. Too much tendons i think.

Ate the ribs with these..


They had a selection of sauces.. Four.. We liked the honey one the most!

The onion loaf came last. We asked why, they admitted it had burnt the first time. I was glad they were honest. Not many restaurants will tell you the truth.


Half onion loaf-RM12.90. I think outback uses the bigger onions (Australian ones) cos they go all around, unlike this one, which is pieces of onion rings around. Oily, but still oh so good!!!!!!

I heart onions, and i think i ate most of it!

Our bill came to about RM 90. Would i come back here? Yes. but i’m not too sure if i’ll have the ribs again..

Food: 8.5/10 | Ambience: 8.5/10 | Price: 6/10 | Service: 9/10

Kuala Lumpur-CineLeisure
G-29(II), G-32 & G-33,
Ground Floor, Mutiara Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya

Selangor Darul Ehsan    


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