Fried onions

Grampa picked me up after BBQ plaza, and headed to State for his dentist appointment..

so since we were going there, i got two packs of the lovely fried onions from the nearby indian shop! And finished one in the car.. I’ve been eating so unhealthily these past few days. .you’ll see..

After that, we headed back home… to a nearby shop where gramps had a quick dinner-Fishball noodles.. and i had my teh C


This one is actually similar to the one in Saraway, where they use some kind of green stuff. but this one i think it’s some green coloring or something..


But in sarawak, i think they mix it with wheat grass..

oh well..

i got home.. did some assignment, studying.. then at 8, i decided to have a fruit!


Half a pear, with some bunches.. some PB unpictured. 😉

That’s all for my Tuesday’s eats!


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