BBQ Plaza #2

Sorry for being MIA for ages.. well.. it felt like ages to me…

was supposed to update yesterday, but i woke up late.. and after college, i had some plans.. sorry! 🙂

Anyway, lunch was at BBQ plaza in 1 Utama. Bumped Samuel and Angeline along the way so they came along! 🙂

angel and sam

Other people were Svun..


And Joshua + Pik San who refused to smile for the cam..

While waiting, we prepped the “pan” with the Pork Lard.. i know you health freaks must be going, “Gross!”


The five of them either ordered pork sets..


Left: Garlic Rice, i had one spoonful of Pik San’s. Quite nice. Garlicky and almost addictive?

Right: Pork slices, vege, and some udon noodles


The beef set is similar, but with beef slices instead of pork.

There was another plate which came with the plate consisting of vege, sotong (squid), chicken slices and fish slices.. sorry.. no pic..

And as for me.. i waited..

and waited..

and reminded the waitress..

and waited..

By the time when everyone almost finshed.. my dish came.


Soft shell crab (RM9.90).. had this the last time i came here.. It looked much bigger the last time.. oh wel.. it was yummy.. until i found some kind of tin foil/thread amongst the oats. Gross. thank God i didn’t eat it! Joshua was so excited about writing on the comment card on it, and stapled it there!

Overall, do i think the food is worth it? Well, they don’t cook for you.. with the exception of the soft shell crab.. the pork lard.. is.. eww.. haha.. but i will come back for the soft shell crab, but will make a complaint that it took WAY too lonG!!

Food: 7.5/10 |  Price: 6.5/10 | Ambience: 7.5/10 | Service: 6/10

BBQ Plaza, Rainforest, One Utama


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