Balanced dinner

Let me start off with breakfast…

After sending dear off i went back to bed.. was still quite sleepy.. got up at about 730pm.. had a quick brekkie for my workout.. no more un-fueled workouts!

coffee and bar

Coffee.. and Roasted almond crunch Kashi TLC.

Not pictured-slather of Skippy Honey Roasted PB on the bar! So delish, and some nuts..

Updated de blog..

then got to my workout.. Run-stiups-weights-leg toning

Had a prune.. and some pear after the workout..

Somehow, time flew, and before we knew it, it was 12.. Of course, in between, was some tv, one accounting question, and dilly dallying.

After deciding not to go to KL on a friday lunch hour, we headed to Village park in Uptown Damansara for lunch..

Tons of people. and turns out, they had expanded. They took over the next door shop which was previously a Pan Mee shop. I guess the Pan Mee shop wasn’t a success.

Apparently, they claim (and i’ve heard) that they have the best nasi lemak in Uptown.. So grandpa tried today. RM3.50

nasi lemak

I wanted some of the brinjals, but someone took all.. and grampa only got two. so he gave me one! Both of us really like it cos it’s not TOO spicy. Don’t know why, but grampa didn’t finish the sambal. He thought it was ok only. I really thought the sambal reminded me of the ones my school sold.. hehe.

Gramma ordered lontong.


The bean-ish sambal topping was good! so was the curry. i ate ALL the vege from the plate! 🙂

Gramma also ordered a fried chicken to share.


I AM so in love with the fried bits. oh so good!

The chicken was also juicy + tender! yum.

Inclusive of drinks, the bill came to about RM16.90..

Food: 8/10 | Ambience: 7/10 | Price: 7/10 | Service: 6.5/10

Village Park Restaurant: 5, Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama, 47400, PJ, Selangor. Tel: 03 7710 7860

After lunch, we went to 1 Utama, with intentions of starting Xmas shopping. but none done cos we were lost, and hoping that we could start when the mega sales start-which i don’t know if it even will.

Walked around a bit.. couldn’t decide for anything. so we dropped by “I love yoo” for a bit of yau char kwai..


Ma Keok and yau char kwai RM1.40 each. White coffee-RM2.80..

The ma keok was yummy. ALL of it is yummy! BUT SO UNHEALTHY.

sigh.. but life is to be enjoyed isn’t it?

Went home after more walking about. Bought luncheon meat + corned beef to be cooked tonight, only to be DISAPPOINTED that dear’s reaching here only at 10!!!!! i actually slammed my keyboard typing that.

Did some more accounting, and prepped my lonely dinner.


The sweet taters were leftover from gramps brekkie. I placed it in the oven hoping it would turn into sweet tater fries. It was HORRIBLE. A horrid bitter background taste. I tried to eat the last one, but i had to spit it out.

Frozen edamame in the microwave-i love that it takes a while to eat it.

Some scrambled eggs with onions!

I feel my dinner is so balanced. hehe..



Half an apple-the other half was no good.

With some PB!

Hehe. i’m off to my assignment now.



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