Lovin’ to love oats

I have seriously fell in love with oats since i tried Kath’s overnight oats! Thanks Kath from KERF!!

So that’s what i had this morning..


Last night, 1/4 cup oats, 1/4 boysenberry yoplait yoghurt, and 1/4 cup soy milk went in to this bowl. Some raisins fell in..

This morning, it rained All-bran cereal, Post’s honey bunches of oats, and Nuts + Wheat germ

And i’m completely stuffed-while i topped off with some coffee!

I’m gonna run soon.. my posts which don’t involve restaurant/product reviews will be cut short due to exam + assignment stress!

I’m off to run soon!



3 thoughts on “Lovin’ to love oats

  1. okay, explain how to toast it in the oven! what about the sugar? won’t it burn?

    yeah, i need to figure out how to like something with raisins!

    • you would need those toaster oven-similar to the conventional oven but smaller.. of course it won’t fit in the ones which pop the toast up! hehe. Condensed milk + PB after placing it in the oven.. it’s quite famous in Hong Kong..

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