TLC Trail mix

This morning, brekkie was with dear..

at Old Town..

Dear had Nissin Noodles..


I had lots of the soup! haha!

And his white milk tea


While i had me a Nanyang Kopi C


And a new bar!


Kashi Trail mix TLC. almost similar to the Honey Almond Flax chewy though.. i would expect more variety of nuts, but there were only almonds..

We also shared a PB Thick Toast


Thought of trying something different from Garlic bread. I heart PB.. i ate the skin of the bread! hehe. But i find Kim Gary’s more worth it cos it’s thicker and more PB!

Went to college, and was surprisingly early.. kinda had a tiff with the BF.. but i’ll spare you the details.

AFA was……complicating. but i guess i love practical questions!

Had an apple in the middle of IB…


Finally the lecturer is being more helpful.. thank God..

met gramps after college and headed to 1 Utama..

I tried the Mocha praline over ice from Starbucks.. Quite good. not much praline flava though.. and also had the skin of the rotiboy.. hehe.. and then we went over to Nonya Colors..


Love the ABc.. but had to ask for extra sugar. not sweet!


Grandma loves the kueh bakar here!! RM2 per pack. not cheap..


Grampa’s fav is the green bean..


And mine is the red bean cos of all the big red beans inside!! YUMM!!!


Grandma had one mihun siam. which i tried and was not bad! Quite nice actually..

That’s all for me. I’m stuffed!

I’ll see you tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “TLC Trail mix

    • A toast, but thicker.. maybe 2 ” toast, toasted till crisp on the outside, topped with PB, and drizzled with condensed milk.. Hehe. I bet PB attracted you!

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