Egg + Salmon

At about 4 ish.. i was watching Twilight (1st part).. yes i’m uber late and outdated.. but the show is AWESOME!! hehe…

Ate some Mat Tou Yau Gramps bought back for me.. 🙂


Grampa says its quite nice. he had half of my “drink”.. hehe. yay.. another fan of it.

I didn’t have much appetite for dinner, so i just waited for dear to come.. Dinner was had only about 8 ish.. i cooked!

It’s been so long since i cooked, though i don’t actually call today cooking since i did use alot of “prepared” foods..

I nuked some frozen edamame beans.


Sorry. i kinda forgot to photograph everything until we were midway thru dinner. So most of the food/all of it was half eaten when i snapped!

I love these edamame akak Jean bought! Lovely without salt!

Some Campbells mushroom soup was decided at the last minute!


And i fried some egg and salmon sausages!


Nuked some salmon sausages, fried some onions (almost burnt them), sliced the sausages and charred it abit. Then put in 3 eggs. and out came yummy egg and salmon!!

Quite delish i must say! hehe..

That’s all for the night. i wanted to watch “Premonition” but grampa wanted watch his chinese singing show.



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