Cahaya Purnama

Today, we decided to try a new place which came out in the star a while back..

See here.

Had quite a hard time finding it cos it’s in the midst of some houses. But it’s somewhere near the Shell station, and we asked the people there, the managed to tell us how to get there!

This place has quite alot of variety for Banana leaf rice, and i spotted some fav..


Some beans, potatoes, deep fried brinjals, and onions.. Yes.. uber unhealthy..

i like the potatoes the most.. the brinjals were slightly burnt.. i love the onions, but not much cos this was what’s left.. I took a couple of squid rings.. they were ok. but not as soft as i would have liked.

Mine cost RM4.80.. Not cheap.. i didn’t expect vege to be so expensive



Grampa’s on the other hand, costed RM6.50. He really liked the prawns and the accompanying sauce. And he ate ALOT of papadom!


Mee Rebus.. Grandma ordered.. RM4. the sambal made it spicy, which i don’t really like. i prefer non-spicy ones. but i ate most of the kuih from this plate! quite good..


Pasembor (RM4).. A kind of rojak. Quite good. Love the kuih cos it was quite crunchy. But we forgot to tell them not to put sambal, and also to separate the sauce. The kuih became slightly soggy..

I also had a 3 layer Teh C, which cost RM2.50. much cheaper than Kayu.

Overall, this place is ok.. the food is quite good but the banana leaf is not that cheap. We didn’t try the chicken curry, but apparently, this place is quite famous for it.

Food: 7.5/10 | Price: 6.5/10 | Ambience: 6/10 | Service: 8/10

Restoran Purnama Cahaya is in Jalan 17/10, Petaling Jaya. Tel: 012-6769310.

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