Sukico Hainan Cafe

Yesterday’s mass was conducted by Fr. Simon Labroy.. wondeful speaker. and i actually understood his sermon!! And funny too..  I find that usually, Indian priests are quite good at their sermons..

After mass, we headed to Sukico Hainan Cafe at Damansare Uptown/ Utama to meet Akak Jean & Carol for dinner. I have not been there before, but Gramps had.


The coffee instantly gave me a good impression about the place..


Hailam Char, they call it. RM2. Reasonably priced compared to RM2.80 at Old Town where the portion is smaller. The coffee was good, to me at least. Grampa didn’t really like it.

We had to wait quite abit for our food cos there was a big group which came before us.

I got a breakfast set.. i know.. it’s dinner.. but i love breakfast!



Mushroom omelette with chicken sausage..

  • I really wonder how they make the chicken sausage so soft. Microwave? I don’t know. But i would have loved if it had some charred marks on it.
  • The coleslaw was quite good. Not too laden with mayo.
  • Baked beans were normal.
  • The omelette was quite delish. I love eggs! And that was alot of eggs when i see it now.
  • The potatoes were very authentic. I can tell they’re homecooked, which you rarely get nowadays. Many places just use frozen ones. Only thing is that two??? At least 4 la!!! lol

Next up was Akak Carol’s and Ah Kong’s chicken chop w/fried rice.


  • Chicken chop was quite good. crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. But i THINK it was skin on the outside. so for the health conscious, you won’t get to enjoy the crispy part!
  • Fried rice-According to Grampa, it was really good!
  • The gravy tasted almost similar to Dave’s Deli’s.


Akak Jean and dear (who came later) had Grilled fish. Akak Jean had no coleslaw (she didn’t want) but dear had..

I didn’t try cos i was quite full.. but Dear gave it “75%” when grandma asked! lol


We ordered this to share..Hainan Mee (Grandma had Hainan Mihun which i didn’t pic, but looks similar to this).. Twas alright. not really a fan of chinese noodle dishes.. unless….


The noodles are crispy like the ones in this Sang meen.. RM15.80-quite pricey. but i love the crispy noodles, and the prawns!!!

I also had “Andy’s super premium Mocha Almond fudge” ice cream. lol.. they were promoting that. RM3.50 pr scoop. was quite nice. but nothing beats hagen daz!

Overall, the food was quite good, but pricy-the bill came to RM101..

Food: 8/10 | Coffee: 8/10 | Ambience: 7.5/10 | Price: 6/10

(located inside Suki Baking Goods. Located on the same row as Public Bank)
#26, Jalan SS21/39,
Damansara Uptown,
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603 7728 8381


3 thoughts on “Sukico Hainan Cafe

  1. hello jaclyn,

    hehehe. *points above* My uncle is the owner of sukico. Glad u found the food ok… hahaha. Yet to try out that place myself…

    Take care


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