Duck King

Well.. now i believe in Karma! lol.. was “boasting” to Pik San that i was going to Overseas Restaurant for Akak Jack’s dinner last night.. but upon arriving there, we found out that the place had a wedding booked! so venue was changed to Duck King. As good.. that’s what we thought at first..

Duck King’s food is pretty pricy.. but the last two times we came, we had good experiences.. can i say the same about last night???

Service was bad though we ordered pretty early..

Tidbits was served.. RM4/plate


Boiled peanuts.. me likey.. we asked for another..


Pickled cucumber.. we had a difficult time getting the waiter/waitresses attention. sometimes they saw us waving, they looked away. when we told them we wanted a second plate, they said ok, but didn’t do anything about it until we asked the second time around..

The first dish came pretty fast..


Shark Fin soup.. Twas quite thick.. and mind had some ooey gooey thing.. i’m not sure what it was.. not MUCH chark fin. RM100 plus.. and we got such a small amount for that..

Well.. after this dish, it seemed like that was all we ordered cos the other dishes hadn’t come out! For maybe 20 minutes? And we ordered when there were not many people. Even the duck took ages, and we saw other tables which ordered later than us, getting thei food first..

The duck wouldn’t have taken such a long time cos the duck is already cooked, all they needed to do was to chop it up. Their excuse was they were waiting for the other dishes before bringing out the duck! Sigh.. such disappointing service compared to the last time we came.


This is half a duck. It was quite a skinny duck.. as in not much meat. but the meat was really tender.. Strangely, we actually had to request for the sweet sauce for the duck. i thought it would have come together. The sweet sauce tasted almost exactly like the ones from Yong Tao fu stalls.


We were shocked to see this come to our table. Apparently, this kum ching yuk or something like that. It’s pretty much leong yuk. We were afraid to try it at first, cos we didn’t even know this was what we ordered. I didn’t like the “glistening” (as Akak Carol puts it) layer of fat underneath though..


Siew Yuk (Pikg’s belly) & Char Siew (BBQ pork).

I didn’t eat much cos they were fatty.. according to gramps, it wasn’t as good as expected.


This is fried wish with mushrooms and brinjals.

Thankfully, this was still as good as last time. I ate alot of it.. but i couldn’t find much brinjals. Though the mushrooms were just as good! The fish was okay too.


Kangkung with belachan.

Super spicy!!!We asked for less spicy, but i think the lady who took our orders were super blur, or just didn’t bother. Normally, gramps would “gasak”/eat ravenously when it comes to this dish.. but this wasn’t even finished. I ate quite abit cos it seemed a waste..


This chicken dish was also way to spicy. The chicken was alright, just too spicy.. we asked for less spicy, but once again, i think they forgot. I would have eaten more if i could differentiate the skin from the meat! lol.


Claypot tofu..

Had lots of mushrooms.. and cute looking ones too! haha. The tofu had some kind of a seaweed topping on it. Fresh, and quite tasty..

salad prawn

Salad prawns, which came in a wanton basket.

Twas quite nice. I had two (grandma didn’t want hers). It’s crispiness was maintained though it was laden with salad dressing. Big prawns!! The wanton basket tasted bland on its own, but quite nice with the salad sauce. Though i think it wasn’t meant to be eaten, i did eat it. haha.

This brinjal took AGES to come. Though we ordered it during the first order (before adding prawns), this took forever! And when we asked, though they hadn’t started cooking, they claimed they did. We tried to cancel it, but they kept forcing it on us. So Akak Jean gave them a 2minute limit to bring it to our table..


Which they surprisingly managed to. Well, 2 minutes + arguing time. but i think they most probably gave us other table’s one. I think they forgot about it, and not that it takes a long time to make a sizzling plate brinjals (as they claimed so).

The brinjals were well-cooked, but meat: brinjals was like … 3:1 ?? Too much mince meat..

The last dish was of course, the birthday noodles (a must in a Chinese tradition!)


A portion for two. Twas alright. Grampa said the squid was REALLY soft!

To compensate us for the long time we waited for our food (and also paying RM500 for this dinner!), they served us complimentary dessert.


Coconut jelly. quite good. Granma liked it alot!

Overall, the food is not the greatest. Certain things are. like the duck + fish. It’s TOO pricy though, for such food and bad service.

Food: 7.5/10 | Price: 4/10 | Ambience: 7/10 | Service: 3/10

Ducking restaurant (Jaya One): 8-G, Block M, Jaya One, No.72-A, Jln Universiti, 46200, PJ, Selangor. Tel: 03-7957 9819

After dinner, we still had the stomach for dessert, and wanted to get a cake for the birthday girl!

Bu secret recipe was closing, so we just went to Starbucks..


So glad their Christmas drinks are out!! YAY!

Now, to get the Starbucks planner is much more difficult than last year. This year, one would have to buy 11 Grande drinks, to get a free planner. Unlike last year, One grande, plus RM18 would get you a planner. Sigh..

I had a low fat Toffee Nut Latte (Grande) to share with dear..


Yum.. Nutty flavour. But too sweet??


Akak Jean got a small cheesecake, too bad no candles though.

The cheesecake was alright, but we were too busy chatting.. hehe.. so not much was eaten.

I spotted some of their Christmas bottles. And Akak Carol kept asking me to choose one. I felt bad cos though i liked them alot, it was so expensive. And no discount since Akak Jack is not tied with Berjaya anymore!

So i chose one really cute one!


Look at the bottom!



A little bunny! so adorable! haha. Don’t worry, it’s a second layer, so the bunny will not have any coffee stains! hehe.

Akak Jack wanted to get me another bottle, but dear discouraged, since i had another one at home, and akak carol also said, to get something else. I may get the mugs cos they all look so pretty too!

We’ll see!


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