Couscous lunch

That’s lunch for me. Grandma hadn’t planned to go out, so i just stayed at home for lunch..


Tesco light choices roasted vegetable couscous.. Add boiling water, wait a few minutes, and..

Easier than instant noodles! Lol.. and healthier. Not much vege in sight, but flavour-wise, delish.. Tomatoey flavour.

I added some of this..


for some heat.. Yum. Akak Jack bought it from Cheong Hoong. but i still prefer the Nonya one from pasar malam as its much less oily..

I also sneaked in a coated tsp of ABC Melrose spread, which surprisingly went well with couscous and chilli-i know, i’m weird! And some added nuts for Krunch!

Also had a couple of tspfuls of eggplant dip..


Ate all this while watching the Mentalist..

Got started on my assignment. Promotion strategies for Starbucks anyone?Sigh.. it’s difficult when the lecturer is not helpful, and hasn’t even taught the topic.

Just went down and had a small piece of marble yummy. to bad i finished all the sides. i want more! haha..

I’m off to de-stress with my mentalist. 😉



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