Mango overnight oats

Last night.i prepped some overnight oats with..

Yoplait For me.. mango. yummmy..

And some honey bunches of oats..


1/4 cup yoghurt, 1/4 cup soy milk, 1/4 cup rolled oats, some raisins..

and this morning with the bunches, this bowl was delish!!

Today, my BPC lecturer came in super early.. and we’re learning variances today. The formula she gave is different than what we learnt previously, which is totally confusing me. May bring it to her next week..

I found out my lecturers won’t read drafts for IB! I’m like … ???? Cos he hasn’t even finished teaching, plus deadline is 15 dec. what can we do???

Sigh.. i do not like my college!

Lunch was same as yesterday.Apple plus ktime twist sorry for the boringness..


AFA was interesting.. but long..we were supposed to leave at 330pm, ended going back at about 4 ish..

such a long day.. no workout this morning though..

had a yoplait and honey bunches of oats


This is almost the perfect snack.. well.. if this was added earlier..


I just made some cashews.. i crave them. but now i feel kinda full from it..

and also some pumpkin seeds


Wanted to experiment with some sugar + cinnamon.. not so nice. plus i don’t know why some of them are bitter.. so sad..

Tonight is special dinner night. Akak Jackie’s birthday (my aunt).. Happy Birthday.. though she doesn’t read blogs. hehe.

I’ll post about the special dinner ASAP!



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