Nescafe Tarik-at home

I tried the new nescafe tarik today..


At 530am in the morning!!! Had to wake up early cos today’s class started at 9..

The coffee was alright. Had the foamy feeling. reminds me of the Latte from Tesco brands i bought. the coffee definitely tastes different than the regular 3 in 1. Overall, it was alright. not to sweet.. 99 cals.. But i def prefer mamak Nescafe! haha..

That’s all i had for fuel. wanted to see whether coffee would do me enough for my workout.

Ran, some weights.. leg lungeS?? but didn’t do much of the toning due to waking up latish or rather blogging in the morning till i forgot the time.

Workout was fine with just a cuppa..

Brekkie was..


Some all-bran complete flakes, with some Special K Berries.. and mix of Soy milk + regular low fat milk.. yumminess!!

I heart cereal..

The coffee i made with the leftover milk had the beautiful blueb smell from the blueberry cereal! hehe.

Headed to class.. BPC was filled with theory today. kinda bored me.. Turns out, one of the IB Tutorials was cancelled, which caused a confusion, cos some thought both were cancelled.

Met Pik San during break..

No sotong today.. but i feel like not eating the sotong from cafeteria, cos it seems “overnight” Pasar Malam’s better, right Pik San??


Apple + K Time Twist.

Love the apple. Grandma bought recently.. not sure what variety.. but the K Time Twist is too soft.. not energy bar like.. i feel energy bars should be crispy OR chewy. not cake-soft.

Pik San missed IB.. 😦

IB ended earlier than usual.. the new lecturer doesn’t want to help out with the assignments cos she claims she didn’t teach. i mean, she IS out IB lecturer.. shouldn’t she advise on the IB assignment???

Came home and had a Peckham pear..


I love these when they are ripe and softish!!! Grandma bought these RM2 each. but so worth is cos they were huge, and so sweet. shared some with Grandma. but i ate most of it..


Grampa came out of the kitchen with some Papadam. haha.. he loves it. but he didn’t like the ones he made this time around. he claims he used the wrong frying pan. i just think he didn’t have the oil hot enough! lol..i had a piece…. or two

Ok.. i’m off to study?? maybe. haha..



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