Is it wrong?

Is it wrong.. to have a heavy lunch… AND dinner???

Is it wrong to love brinjals so much?


We went to Happy City Food Court, Kepong for dinner.. i had this from the mixed rice.. RM1.. the stall keeper practically knows me so much so he just gave me an empty plate-no questions asked.. i bet he has also notice my escalating weight since he first saw me..

i know i’m always talking about my weight. i just can’t believe that i’ve returned to the weight before i got my treadmill. i’m VERY disappointed with myself..

Is it wrong to love Kepong’s O’Chien so much?


Even though it costs RM7?

Sigh… Gramps had chicken wings..



And Sang Har Sang meen.


Poor imitation of Sang har sang meen. just reminded me of yee mee with prawns.

Is it wrong to have dessert after a heavy lunch and dinner??

We dropped by tin pan gor gor in Kepong.. i had some green bean dessert, extra “cha” please!


Grandma had sweet potato soup..


I had one of the sweet taters! YUM..

So is it wrong?



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