Somebody’s birthday!

It’s pik San’s bday today!!! HAPPY BURFDAY!! MAY ALL YOUR WISHES COME TRUE! I know one of them did cos you have me! 🙂

Anyways, why i’m emphasising that is cos she was so kind to invite us for dinna her restaurant-Chan Kee Hakka Restaurant, Aman Suria, again this year.. her 21st.. (You’re so old!)

This year was with a smaller group of people, but nevertheless, the food was great, except the part where she said i gained weight!! Gosh.. how did i let myself become this way???

svun, me, piksan

That’s svun, me, and pik san..

It’s like all of a sudden, i don’t really care about the way i look.. and i eat all i want..

lol..anyways, on to Pik San’s bday..

Me and Svun were late! Traffic jam.. so we came to a table waiting for us, with 6 of Pik San’s friends already waiting and hungry.. sorry!


Kam Heong pork.. which is really good.. (No, i’m not praising it just cos it’s my friend’s restaurant). anything cooked/fried with curry leaves are delish. This tastes similar to the Kam Heong Lala (clams) my grandma likes. The pork was also amazingly soft and tender.. yum..


Next up was Herbal Chicken. Never tried this before, but this is good. very soft, i think cos it’s been cooked awhile. soft and juicy.. not as herbally as i thought, but still good. the soup was well-liked.

Ok.. forgive me. these were the only two food pics i got. It kinda felt strange taking photos in front of Pik San’s friends. i felt like i was stopping them to get food when they were already hungry waiting for us! haha. so i didn’t take any..

Other foods:

  • Steam fish with chilli “sauce”.. the sauce was so good!!!! seriously.. i kept on just “eating” the sauce though i had no rice..
  • The vege was yau mak i think.. was alright.. not as garlicky though.
  • Tofu was served on the same kind of metal plate the steam fish was.. they were in blocks.. which i’ve not seen cooked that way before. was quite nice..

I DID take a photo of dessert.. 🙂


Longan dessert.. wanted to put a candle in one and let pik san blow out. but no candle. lol.

Overall, great food, great bday, great company!


One thought on “Somebody’s birthday!

  1. Thanks for the review jac.. LOL~ how to put a candle in a longan??? LOL~ u show me.. if u manage to do it den i blow let u see.. hahahha..

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