No more condensed milk

I think i have an inability to make good coffee with condensed milk..


With that said, this morning’s coffee, made with about slightly more than a tsp of condensed milk, was horrible. it strangely had a sourish taste though i didn’t add any equal.. Sigh.. i’m sticking to milk.. plus milk’s healthier..

Brekkie was last of my Special K yoghurty drizzle.


This made the coffee go down better. lol.

I’m gonna go workout soon.. lazy. but have to in order to beat the bulge..



2 thoughts on “No more condensed milk

  1. Maybe the condensed milk is spoilt? Because condensed milk + anything=naturally yummy goodness 🙂
    Jiayou for your workout! Workouts are good in moderation, cos they release endorphins or seratonin or some other random chemical that makes you happy 😀

    ❤ Magdelene

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