not sleepy

surprisingly, though i woke up super early to send dear off to work.. (5am), i didn’t feel like getting back to bed even though i tried. So i decided to have a breakfast and go run.

ktimei can never get this to be crispy. oh well..

and a coffee.

coffeeDid some updating on my blog.. and testing out Windows live writer.. finally got a way around using the adorable fonts! lol..

I never knew i took up so much time blogging..

Anyway, i kinda rushed to college.. didn’t get enough refuel after my workout-run, situps, weights, +leg workout.

So i had a small cup of OJ, a prune.. and an egg biscuit..

egg.jpgon the way out.. lol.. i was like a mad woman grabbing all my stuff.. and finally.. someone’s birthday present!

Happy Birthday Pik San!

Haha.. AFA was quite alright today. slightly confusing.. but made time fly! IB was finally something about our assignment.. International marketing.. gotta start! GOSH!

had a quick bite between classes.. an apple between AFA

apple_thumb.jpgNo shot cos i think my lecturer was looking.. so this is a reenactment! lol..

A kashi TLC Roasted Almond between IB

barBorrowed a book from the library. which i figured is not THAT useful.. IB is VERY unrelated to Accounting and Finance students! none of the questions are related!!! Sigh..

Came home… and just so you know..


Is so good..


The crunchiness of the bunches.. and the yoghurt.. and i sneaked in some PB on the spoon.. so good.. This yoplait yoghurt has one of the best nutritional profiles, without sugar being number one on the ingredients list. i think it’s almost sugar free.. and quite lo cal.. 50 cal for this baby! but it’s not only that, it’s delish! VERY mango-ey!

Ingredient list: skim milk, milk solids, mango (min. 6%), thickeners (1442,440,406,410), mineral salts (341, 452, 509), halal gelatine, fructose, acidity regulators (331, 296), flavours, sweeteners (951, 950), preservative (200), natural colour (160b), live yogurt cultures: s.thermophilus, l.acidophilus & bifidobacterium.

I actually wasn’t planning on going to Pik San’s bday dinner.. cos noone from KBU is going.. till i found out Svun is going.. so i guess i’m going!! Kinda a last minute thing.

But i did accompany gramps out for dinna and had a tea..

tehYum Teh Tarik at a nearby mamak.. this was yummy.

i’m off to Chan Kee at Aman Suria in a bit.. i rarely drive out at night, but i’m doing this for you, pik san!



One thought on “not sleepy

  1. wah wah wah… doin this just for you, pik san!! haiyooo~ purposely wanna let me see wan la sureeeeeeeeeeeeee….. hahahhaa.. btw.. thanks bitch *huggies*

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