Manhattan Fish market

As tempting as it was to drop by happy beans since we were near subang, we didn’t as we were heading to manhattan for lunch!

Manhattan Fish Market i mean! We went to E @ the Curve, formally known as Cathay Cineplex..

Strangely, there are two branches there.. One at E @ the Curve, the other at Ikano. Decided to go to the one in E @ the Curve cos it looks nicer.. lol..

Dear wanted to walk around and get some stuff done first, but i couldn’t wait to eat cos it’s been almost exactly a year since we ate this, which was during our anniversary at Centrepoint’s branch (which closed)..

I got hold of the Mystyle vouchers..

SMS; my 111 manhattanfishmarket

TO: 33365

This costs RM3.50, but considering the voucher is a buy 1 free 1 fish and chips, it was worth it!

Besides two fish and chips we ordered, i ordered an add on for one of the sets..

a soup (mushroom soup for today) and bottomless iced tea for RM9.90

ok.. to tell you the truth, i kinda had high expectations for the soup, considering the ala carte costs RM7.90..


but it was disappointingly small and normal. though the color makes it look authentic, but it truly tasted almost like canned.. or the ready made ones.. sigh..

our food was quite fast..

i ordered one with rice, and one with chips..

Fish and Rice

fish ad rice

gave dear the rice one. i tried a spoonful of the rice. twas alright.

Fish and Chips


I definitely expected the chips to be piping ho,but it wasn’t.. damn. my expectations are too high. anyway.. the fish satisfied my expectations! Deliciously sinful with the creamy tartar sauce.

The fish was crispy when it just came out. and so soft on the inside. it was just normal dory fish. if you want other fish, it’s more expensive. the batter is soooo good!!! but artery clogging though. well.. it’s not everyday we have this. hehe.

The bill came to about RM30… worth it with the voucher. without the voucher, i may think twice paying RM15.90 per portion..

Food: 8/10 | Price: 7/10 | Ambience: 8/10 | Service: 7.5/10

Manhattan Fish Market: E @ the Curve..

After a satisfying lunch, we went to shorten the belt i gave dear as out early anniversary gift! 🙂

and dear FINALLY got a new pair of sandals. his is so worn out.. and finally listened to get a new one..

and i got this cool new thing!

banana hammock

Banana hammock to make sure your bananas stay fresh! haha. been wanting to get this for a long time, but “em seh tak”.. meaning, i wasn’t willing to spend the money (cantonese).. but i did in the end. and a RM23 hole in my wallet was made.

Sigh. but i’m so happy with it!

Ok.. i’m off to do some stuff.. and am so happy that i’ve done updating!








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