Eggs & sausages

For dear that is. got up this morning.. brekkie at home since we had somewhere special in mind for lunchies..

so i decided to cook western brekkie for dear.. Eggs and sausages


I kinda screwed up when cracking the second egg.. so the egg yolk broke.. 😦 Sad.. but at least the first one went well.. 🙂

On the other hand.. i had some cereal..


all-bran complete wheat flakes, honey bunches of oats.. and.. milk! plus a coated spoon of Melrose ABC spread (unpictured)..

i realised, i’ve been off my trail mix for a couple of days. lets see if that’s been causing my weight gain.. though i know there could be other reasons! :p

Headed over to hand over dear’s old place to the landlord. everything was fine and dandy.. and then over to dear’s new place.. kinda feel bad cos he moved there for me. to be nearer to me. but his new place is really small, and have to pay parking??? sigh.. but i truly and deeply appreciate it! Love you dear!



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