Klang Bak Kut Teh

Left the house shortly after my last post.. initial plan was to ikano.. but it was so full people.. we actually just got in and left.. to Kayu at aman suria since gramps didn’t have lunch.

so kayu means..


Roti Tisu!!! RM5.. delicious.. crispy… and sweet.. what more can we ask for..

i hadn’t had teh tarik in ages..


it’s directly translated to “pulled tea” cos they actually “pull the tea” in other words mix it by pouring it between two cups, at a height. i asked for less sweet.. cos too much condensed milk.. and added me own equal..

church was ok today.. next week..fr. simon is coming to request donations for a new church. so glad to hear that we got permission to build another church in subang! not an easy task here in msia.

dinner was klang, as mentioned in my last post ( i know how much you envy me, pik san. :p)

we planned to eat at teluk pulai bak kut teh shop.. but it was closed. so we went to the one behind it-fong keow bak kut teh. turns out i’ve been here with gramps and akaks before. but it changed alot.. it used to look like a coffeeshop.. now..


much more high class.. hehe.. we assumed there wasn’t many people.. but went we went further in. there were more. and even vip rooms at RM30/2hours!!


besides bak kut teh, this place has assam fish, vege, fried pork, tofu, and even abalone.. but tonight, they ran out of yau char kwai! SO disappointing. i felt like going to another bkt shop to buy! oh well..

we ordered two pots of two-person portions.. (RM10/person)..of bak kut teh-(“pork rib tea”) so means RM40 for four of us.


added mushroom (RM5) and tou pok (RM!) for both pots.

for me and dear, ours was a pot of lean meat

i have to admit, considering it was lean meat, it was so soft and tender. and seriously pure lean meat. so i went all out and ate quite a bit. and there was quite alot of mushrooms. so i say adding RM5, for both pots, was quite worth it.

we also ordered some vege (RM8)


sorry. gramps hand kept getting in the way, during the three times i tried taking this shot! the vege was alright.. it was lettuce (stir fried) with oyster sauce and lots of fried onions! which i asked for more! which went delish with..


oily rice. i tried some of granma’s one. was quite good.. but even better when mixed with the fried onions!

Grandma also ordered an asam fish (kembong) RM7.


she actually asked me if i wanted. i just said just order. and she had it all to herself though she had a hard time deciding whether to eat the pork or the fish! the fish was ok. but a tad oily. i never had asam fish this oily before. once again, i loved the accompanying onions! ;P

the bill made a RM67 hole in our wallets. lol.. but it was worth it! 🙂

food: 8.5/10 | Price: 7/10 | Ambience:7/10 | Service: 7.5/10

restoran fong keow (pottery) bak kut teh: no.49, 51, 53, Jln Batai Laut, Kaw. 16, Taman intan, 41300, Klang, Selangor [HP: 016 6688606]

The lady boss was kind enough to discuss with grampa where to get good yau char kwai. turns out on thurs pasar malam in klang, there are the short ones which grampa likes. but so sad we don’t know how to come here with dear!

ok.. i’m sorry about the late posts, but i’ll update sunday’s eats later!





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