I did most of my chores today! Yippee!

After my run.. had some apple..


And then some chores later..

-mopped the floor

-washed TWO toilets

-took Max out

Time flew.. and i had my lunchies!!

A quick one. we didn’t go out. Granma is sleeping. she hasn’t been having good sleep lately..


Some eggplant dip for starters..

Along with some carrots


Yum! And a few more spoonful of the eggplant..

Decided to experiment with the K Time twist..

Wanted to toast it to see if it would help harden the exterior.. nope.. it didn’t.


Reminded me of cake!!! I prefer regular ol’ TLC Kashis..

And a prune.. plus..


Egg biscuit for dessert!!!

Yum.. we’re all waiting till 3 to leave the house though i’m not sure where we’re going.. i read bit of my AFA but am still waiting for Monday to borrow some books to get started on IB..

Tonight is Bak Kut Teh at Klang! Def will update with a review! TA!



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