Saturday=chores day..

Things to do:

  • Run (i’m replacing it for thursdays)
  • Mop floor
  • Wash two toilets
  • Bathe Max????
  • Plant vege (if have time)
  • STUDY!!!!! – yes.. studying is a chore!

Anyways, i got up at 815am.. with really really strange dreams last night..

Brekkie was a coffee.

coffeein my cute piggy cup from dear.. to remind me of him.. cos it’s been a week.. and i get to meet him today! yay!

breadsourdough bread from Patisfrance.. half topped with ABC melrose spread.. and the other half with Roasted honey PB from Skippy..


Also stole the skins of the marble cake we got from Yut Kee yesterday.. Gramps will be looking at naked ones later! haha!

I’m off to start on one of my chores-run!



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