Chops and coffee

Refueling was a naner.. and some pbu..


I did some watching of mentalist, before lunch.. i’m addicted. to mentalist i mean. 🙂

We WERE on the way to Section 17.. until grandma mentioned she was craving for Yut Kee.. and not the mee rebus behind it. but the Hainanese pork chops…

So we were there soon enough.. waiting for our table.. i spotted some roast pork.. but didn’t order any.. i was eyeing these..

cakesa marble cake, and a kaya roll.. yes.. i requested for the sides, specifically..

The marble cake, RM1 each, was delish.. soft.. and just the right amount of sweetness.

The kaya roll on the other hand.. wasn’t good.. it was dry.. and not really soft.. the roll on its own is not sweet.. only when eaten WITH The kaya in it..

So.. we took home 5 more pieces, and is sitting in a tupperware now.. 🙂

On to pork chops..

porkchopWorth every penny of RM9.. Grandma loved it! Gramps each had one, and the loved it! Grampa said they’ve improved. I thought the pork was quite tender, but not enough gravy? i finished grandma’s onions, taters, and veg.. more onions please!! 😉

I also tried their coffee.. tried it once before, it wasn’t too good then. but today, it was quite good. less milk than Old Town’s but still quite decent..

but i still love my Starbucks..

coffeeHad a Grande Caramel Macchiato to share with Grampa at Borders, in Curve. I drank most of it there. We sure enjoyed a good read..and some good coffee!!

I walked around abit.. was tempted to buy some stuff, but refrained.. + i wasn’t carrying enough moolah..

Not carrying enough money is actually a good way of saving money. hehe.

Anyway, time flew.. and we had a quick bite before going home..

tatersSome sweet plum potato fries from Shihlin..  if i had known the sweet plum flava was from the “sprinkles of powder”, i would’ve told the dude not to put any. i prefer sweet potato fries. will do so next time. i love these fries!!

yckYau char kwai (deep fried dough) from I love yoo.. i love the end parts! shared them with grampa..

makeokAnd some makeok..

Gosh.. now i know how greedy i am! lol

Came home and had a prune..and a spoonful of Starbucks Coffee ice cream (wow.. i managed to stop at one!)

worked on my assignment.. but i couldn’t get through cos i don’t have any reference. have got to get from the library on Monday.. or tomorrow. We’ll see..

anyway.. its 11ish now.. i’m off to bed after reading some AFA!



P/S: Ratings for Yut Kee..

Food: 8.5/10 | Coffee: 8/10 | Price: 7/10 | Ambience: 6.5/10

Yut Kee:35 Jalan Dang Wangi.
Tel. 03-2698-8108.
8am-5pm, closed Mondays and last Sunday of the month.



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