Hong Lim visit #2

Using Windows Live Writer ws alright.. avoids having to upload and choose from the Media library.. but it creates two copies.. 😦

BPC + AFA was ok today.. lots of questions to keep us busy and make sure the time wasn’t too draggy.. but quite a bit of theory in BPC. the funny thing is that.. for BPC, the exam has not much theory.. but the lecturer is quite thorough in giving the theory answers.. unlike in AFA, where the exams have lots of theory(some theory), the lecturer doesn’t focus on the theory..

Lunch was just a Roasted Almond TLC..

barAnd back to AFA.. then home to some..

carrotsCarrots plus some PBU

Some honeycomb biscuits could’ve snuckinto my mouth too.. 😉

Not soon after, grandma wanted to go out for dinner..she didn’t have lunch as usual..

After dropping by the Bak Kut Teh shop in Aman Puri.. only realising it wasn’t opened yet, we decided to go to Hong Lim Teochew porridge. the nearest DECENT teochew porridge..

Ok.. today.. it was more than decent! It was really good!

teochewI asked for a big plate to place MORE brinjals on it. also some boiled peanuts, and some sambal..

The brinjals were GOOD!! may be one of the best i’ve eaten. but oily.. yet oh so good.. so much so, we went back for seconds. The sambal was pretty good too. not to spicy.. but it would’ve been great if it had been somewhat crispy.. the peanuts were alright.. “soft” enough!

fishGrampa really enjoyed this fish. It’s called “Ma yau Tong”.. small brother of the kurau.. or vice versa.. Whatever it is, it was good.. but not “freshly” fried.. it wasn’t stale.. what i mean is that it wasn’t just fried.. which means it wasn’t crispy anymore.. plus the head was hardish.. unlike the last time i had it.

eggOther things ordered were salted veg (ham choy), Ikan bilis (anchovies), fried egg

The ham choy wasn’t good.. it was sourish! Section 17‘s the best!

The anchovies was enjoyed though! Delish! Grampa loved it! The fried egg was normal. nothing wonderful..

the bill wasn’t wonderful either. RM25 for this little simple food.. sigh.. i guess it’s quite expected when eating Teochew porridge.

Food: 8/10 | Price: 6/10 | Ambience: 6.5/10 | Service: 7/10

Hong Lim Teochew porridge, same row as Teapot Cafe

Came home immediately though i was tempted to have a walk around PasarMalam..

Had a couple of broad beans, prunes.. and 3 teaspoons of Starbucks ice cream. 😉

I did some research for IB.. only got down to the intro. sigh.. anyway.. i’m off to bed soon..




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