Cranberry-grapefruit-strawberry oats??

lol.. overnight oats this morning!!!

1/4 cup of..

1/4 cup of..

sbuki used starbucks cranberry-grapefruit instead of milk..

some ..

and topped with.. bunchesand voila..

overnight oats[plus a teaspoon coated with ABC melrose spread]

Wonderful.. ok.. but it’s not as creamy as it would’ve been with soy milk.. but works for me! not as filling..

Of course, before brekkie was a workout, run, situps, weights..

BUT boy, was it difficult to wake up at 530am! i slept back, and got up at 6!! ate a few Gullon wholemeal biscuits, and slept till 620am. GOSH. now i forgot how i managed to do it when i was doing my internship!!

First class was BPC today.. was alright.. but i was kinda annoyed that my lecturer who owes us 3 classes, is gonna miss another two in Nov.. sigh.. but she “promiseS” replacement..

Met Pik San for “lunch”.. she didn’t eat.. but did share some sotong from the cafeteria.. hehe..

Walked over to Centrepoint.. Cafeteria was SO NOISY!

Decided to go to Starbucks.. i was craving it..

Had a hazelnut cappuccino..

And ate a naner..

nanerI’m pretty sure it looked somewhat like this..

plus a Kashi Honey Almond Flax TLC.

barsorry for not using ori pics.. was afraid i would annoy pik san taking out my cam all the time! lol..

When we walked back to attend IB tutorial, it began to rain! But it was funny running in the rain. we made it JUST IN TIME before it began pouring..

IB was alright today. not TOO boring.. one of my lecturers finally started explaining on the assignment.. and still no news about the book though.

Svun dropped me to my car as once again, i forgot my umbrella.. sigh.. Thanks Svun!

Got home.. reheated the second pack of onions Grandma bought for me yesterday..

onionEven when in the oven, Grandma could smell it! She was wondering what deliciousness i was preparing.. but it was just these onions! She tried some, and said, reheated, it’s even better! Gosh.. i wish i could have this all the time.. but it’s oily! Reheating helps “extract” some of the oil.. and i placed it on a kitchen towel to soak up more.

Not soon after, Grandma wanted to head for dinner.

We decided to try the reopened Auntie’s Kitchen in KIP..

The menu changed alot. No western dishes, thought the sign says “western food, nasi lemak”.. oh well.. most of the dishes came with rice.. which was disappointing for me. so i just ordered soup, and picked at Gramps food..

hokkien bihunHokkien Bihun (RM5.90).. twas ok. but i still prefer places like the coffee shop in SS2-Mee Yoke Lim.. this was alright, but the sauce wasn’t “black” enough, i.e., not enough dark soy sauce?? But they had three prawns, which i gladly ate! so did this have three prawns.

kueytPenang Char Kuey Teow (RM5.90).. I loved the EGG on top! Different style instead of mixing it in.. which let me take all the egg at once.. i think that was my fav part cos on the whole, this lacked “wok hei”.. but i loved the abundance of taugeh.. It was a tad too oily though..

These two eaten with some prawn sambal/belachan which we requested.. made it more delicious!!!!! sorry.. didn’t pic it..

I ordered an ABC soup for myself.. RM3.90

soupOk.. this was TOO Peppery!!!!  made my mouth feel spicy after finishing it.. the meat inside (i’m not sure pork/chicken) was tender.. and the veges were alright..

This place is decent.. but if you really look at the price, it’s quite pricey.. the “90cents” kinda fools ya.. but it’s one of the decent places to go to around my area.. plus.. it’s clean!

Food: 7/10 | Price: 6.5/10 | Ambience: 7/10 | Service: 7.5/10

Auntie’s Kitchen: No.5, Jalan KIP 1, Kepong Industrial Park

I came home.. had a prune, some nuts (i’m out of them), broad beans.. and a satisfying spoonful of Starbucks coffee ice cream!

I’m off to read some blogs and hit the sack soon!




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