Sakae Sushi Mystyle

Class starts at 1030am today.. so i got up only at 7am to have some brekkie before workout..

cerealSorry! i didn’t get my cam downstairs.. so i used my nokia 7390..

still decent.. hehe..

i miss my cereal.. had 3/4 cup of allbran flakes, topped with:

bunchesand some nuts.. and a teaspoon of ABC melrose spread.. in a 1/4cup of soy and 1/4 cup of HL milk

this all bran flakes are actually pretty filling.. but it gets soggy too fast!

Did my workout.. running at 3 7 min intervals, and situps, plus weights.

After workout.. refuel was.

naneri realise when you cut up a banana, it looks very little.. this is a cavendish banana.. which looked big.. but after cutting up and topping with PBU, it looks little..

Also had 5 Meiji Hello Panda biscuits..

nutAnd a gulp or two of this

sbuki actually bought this drink from starbucks.. Cranberry Grapefruit flavour. It cost me RM9 and if i knew the price, i would’ve gotten Tazo tea instead.. This is made in Malaysia.. and i don’t think it’s worth the money.. quite grapefuit-ish, but it has added sugar inside..

Off to class. i was supposed to follow gramps. but turns out, Granma also had a dentist appointment, so i drove on my own today..

I reached college at 1030am, only to find out from Svun, it’s moved to 11am.. Apparently, there are some meetings with the UK peeps about the course, etc.

IB lecture had a new lecturer today.. She’s quite alright after lightening up. but i keep wanting them to discuss the assignment.. but noone sems to care. i guess we’ll have to deal with it on our own.Plus, the book hasn’t arrived either, with only 7 weeks of teaching left!

We decided to lunch at Sakae today.. with the My Style voucher.. used Svun’s phone..

Buy 1 Free 1 Red plates up to Buy 10, free 10.. [sms “my111 sakaesushi” to 33365]..

We managed to eat up to 12 plates (RED and that’s only red plates).. and we were stuffed!

Here are my eats..

Soft Shell Crab crepe

softshellcrabPik San was kind to swap one of my tiny ones(the pic is pik san’s plate) with hers.. Thanks.. but after our meal.. we ordered another to share.. lol.. means we had 1 + 1/2 of these..

Delish.. i love the soft shell crab as it has no rice, which means less filling, and more stomach for other things. hehe.

uramakiUra Maki!My fav.. Reverse roll of salmon skin, topped with raw salmon! Delish!!! Two of my fav in one! I love the crispy INSIDE, and soft and smooth salmon outside! Pik San, you should’ve tried this!

hanamakii had a Hana Maki. Another one of my fav cos i find that they use good quality salmon for this. i don’t know if it’s my imagination.. but it’s sure good. the salmon is very velvety.. and i love the combination of the mayo + salmon.

Shared this unagi maki with pik san


Reverse roll of salmon skin, topped with slices of unagi (eel). yum! but i think i still like my Ura Maki. 😉

Here are Pik San’s eats..(besides what she shared)

piksanOf course, a pic of her first.. hehe

temakiLobster salad temaki..

octopusChuka Ikado.Seasoned baby octopus. Grampa’s fav!

And a Soft shell crab crepe.. which svun had too!

svun n meSvun and me.. we’re quite stuffed!

Svun had..

ssc temakiSoft shell crab Temaki..

kani saladKani Salad.. I don’t know what she thought about it, but Pik San said the last time she had it, it was strange.. but i don’t feel it’s WORTH RM5.90..

lobstersaladLobster Salad Sushi..

And a Miso Soup (never a complete sushi meal for svun without miso soup) and a tuna mayo temaki..[i can’t find the pics]

Now do you know why we were stuffed?

Hehe.. Svun had to leave early.. so we paid our RM53.10 bill, and me and pik san sat for abit before leaving..

Food: 8/10 | Price: 7/10 | Ambience: 7.5/10 | Service: 7.5/10

Sakae Sushi, 1 Utama old Wing

Walked over to cold storage to get some yoghurt. and home i was! hehe.. of course.. i DROVE home..

did some cleaning up.. studying.. talked to dear.. and grama came home with..

onionhehe.. i asked her to tapao for me from the indian shop in PJ State! i love these onions.. like uber mini small onion rings.. but not ring shaped.. she bought two packets for me!

Anyway, i’m off to consume one pack.. and study..



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