I think the only time i’ll go to Rawang is for the St. Jude’s feast. I can’t imagine how the people live along the highways. I really pity them cos there are NO shops around, what more malls. and it’s just a stretch of road, and suddenly a small cluster of houses.. then another long stretch of road. I appreciate my area so much more now.

Went to St. Jude’s church on Sunday for the feast of St.Jude, an 1130am English mass.

Since we’re driving, we had brekkie at Old Town Aman Puri first..

Dear had Nissin Noodles..

noodlesWith Ham and Egg.. RM5.80.. The old ones, as in prior to when they changed this. the noodles and soup were much tastier. This one tastes like Maggi Mee.. Old Town, bring back ’em old springy noodles!!

I had my fav Nanyang Kopi C (RM3.50)

kopicIt’s less milky than regular white coffee, and i love it!

Dear had white milk tea (RM2.80)

milkteaHe also ordered Garlic Butter Toast (RM3.50)-Guys really CAN eat!

breadDear let me cut out the “skin”.. i just love it!!! so delish! haha. crispy and with the tinge of garlic spread on the side.. lol..

While he was having his brekkie.. i was having my own..

barmy own Honey Almond Flax Kashi TLC bar.. Yes.. it was tempting not to walk across to get a Tong Kee egg tart as well.. but this did me just fine.:)

Our bill came up to RM17.15… tax + service cost us RM1.60!!! Gosh..

Food: 6.5/10 | Coffee: 8/10 | Price: 6.5/10 | Ambience: 8/10

Old Town White Coffee: 1-21A, Jalan Desa 1/3, Desa Aman Puri, 52100, Kepong. Tel: 03-62766850

We headed to Rawang.. and it was a really long drive.. Going to places always takes forever, unlike coming back, which seems so fast. Though, we did get lost in Selayang.

Anyways, i love the sermon the priest gave.. So funny.. and kept me paying attention 😉


After the mass, we decided to have lunch at Modern De Kafe in KIP.. Thus, dear was pretty hungry by then..

Dear had Fish Chop Rice (RM4).. no pic.. sorry! While we shared a Breakfast Set (RM2.80)

SDC10004i love scrambled eggs.. i was kinda disappointed with the accompanied bread.. it wasn’t toasted.. and i guess, they should’ve been decent enough to give toast or something.. And i think the cocktail sausages are smaller than i remembered..

I got a Lean Meat with Yam.. RM4.. note.. Lean meat..

yamleanmeatThey totally got the translation wrong, as they gave me FAT!! Practically, a thick layer atop the so called lean meat.. gross!! Apparently, the chinese words in the menu, meant that it’s the part which has fat.. but then, if so, don’t place the words “lean meat” next to them! Gosh.. and the lady didn’t even OFFER to change the dish. And said, “it HAS to be this way”. Sigh..

This is what i don’t really like about this shop, and why i RARELY eat the food here when i come here..

The bill came up to RM12.80, inclusive of drinks..

Food: 5/10 | Price: 7.5/10 | Ambience: 7/10 | Service: 5/10

Modern De Kafe: No. 6, Jln KIP 1, Tmn Perindustrian KIP, 52100. Tel: 0362802019

We came home.. watched some tv.. did some lazing around.. took a nap..

Soon enough, time flew.. and it was time for dinner.. was planning to head to 1 Utama to head to Caring, but since we were clueless about what to eat there, we went to SS2, which also has Caring..

i was just as clueless about what to eat at SS2 Glutton Square.. but at least gramps could come along..

I settled with trying the “Loong Kitchen” Mixed rice..


some spinach.. and the prawns attracted me. but unfortunately.. it wasn’t tasty.. 😦 it was oily too..

Dear also ended up having mixed rice with me.

dear'sI had some ABC..

abc1yum!!!!! hehe.. this is maybe one of the two reasons i like this place. the ABC.. and the vegetarian food..which by the time i arrived, all the food was gone.. 😦

Anyway, after dinner, we proceeded to dessert at newly opened “Tin Pan Gor Gor”, same row as KTZ, so that grandma could have a dose of sweet potato tong sui.. but i didn’t have any dessert, cos i already had my ABC.

tofufaDear ordered a Tau Fu Fa (Beancurd dessert) topped with green tea jelly. I tried some. The jelly was alright texture-wise. but not sweet enough.

Ok.. that’s all for my sunday’s eats.. sorry for the uber late post!



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