Saturday’s eats..

Sorry for the lateness of the posts.. been around dear.. hehe..

so i’ll be summarizing for the weekend, in hopes you won’t be bored..

I WAS supposed to help dear to move house on Sat.. but i had to fetch gramps to the workshop, so we just had brekkie together..

Went to Modern De Cafe in KIP..

I had my own bar.. Kashi Honey Almond Flax chewy..

kashiWhile dear had claypot noodles.. homemade supposedly..

noodlesRM4.30.. i had some of the egg and tried a spoonful of noodles. Twas alright. But not up to dear’s expectations. Noodles was indeed homemade, but the sauce was alright only..

Dear also ordered some toast (RM0.90).. kinda disappointing cos the toast was soft..

Bill came up to RM7.. a decent place to go to for reasonably alright food, with cheap prices..

Modern De Cafe: No.6, Jalan KIP, 52100, KL; Tel: 0362802019

I didn’t do much while at home.. some studying.. lazing around..

you’d never know how fast time flies..

lunch was at Ikano..

Mama Nonya + Shihlin Snacks + I love Yoo Yar Char Kwai..

kuehThese were kueh from Mama Nonya Ok only.. i don’t really think they were good..

tongsuiRed Bean Tong Sui were also alright only. I think nothing can compare to the Nonya Colors in 1 Utama..

yckYau Char Kwai (Deep fried dough) was in store.. Hehe.. bought it from “I love yoo” situated in the Hawker Square of Ikano.. RM1.40/piece is not cheap.. but it’s sooo good.. i got two.. crispy, and delish.. shared it with Grampa

Also got a Ma Keok-Butterfly bun

makeokIt’s similar to yau char kwai, but has the sesame layer and a tinge of sweetness.. i had this on my own..

And i shared this with Grandma

sweetpotatoSweet plum potato fries. It’s difficult to find sweet potato fries around here.. and i found some at the Shihlin Taiwan snacks.. I’ve to admit, this is the first time i’ve tried stuff from here on my own.. i love sweet tater fries.. but i do agree with gramma that it might’ve been better minus the sweet plum flavour.. RM4, with quite a decent portion..

I walked around abit.. did some present shopping..

and yoghurt shopping! hehe.. found imported Yoplait yoghurt at a steal of RM2.29 at Cold Storage compared to the usual price of RM4 something!

Also went to Tesco to get some stuff.. was trying to look for the shoe rack for Gramma.. but they were outta stock..

Went home.. it was 4 by then, dropped gramps at the workshop.. The bill came up to RM535!!! Seriously.. i do not like that mechanic.. if this clutch lasts for only a year again, i won’t allow gramps to go back to him..

Got home and had a snack of..

yoghurtYum.. Nestle Strawberry yoghurt-leftover from my overnight oats +

bunchesGramps decided not to attend mass.. i feel so bad for it cos it was kinda my fault.. well, me and dear planned to for St. Jude’s feast at Rawang on Sunday, so since i wasn’t attending mass at SIC on sat, they decided not to go. plus, gramps weren’t feeling too well for it either..

Dear came at about 6.. took us for dinner at Seri Kembangan.. Yes, it was very far!!! lol..

but worth it cos the food was delish..Ate at Restoran Leong YA INDAH.

This place is famous for the Chi Pau Kai (Paper wrapped chicken)

chickenso much so we ordered one each! RM2.60/piece.. VERY reasonable

chicken1And very delicious too! It’s sooooo juicy.. and the sauce is so good. The chicken is full of flavour. No wonder this is what this restaurant is famous for. Once you enter, you notice that every occupied table has at least one of these on the table.. even Granpa, who is hardly ever satisfied with chicken, finished it! And grandma asked for more rice! And i finished the sauce! hehe.

brinjalsKnowing how much i’m in LOVE with brinjals, they were ordered.. One thing about this place, the only thing cheap is the chicken. Besides that, other things are pricey.. this plate cost RM11.. compared to RM6 at Shiang Hee, Bandar Menjelara. But nevertheless, the brinjals were tasty. As plain as it may seem, even i didn’t expect is to taste so good. simply fried with dried shrimp, it was flavourful!

soupThis is one of the best Salted Vege + Tofu soup we’ve had. Although it cost us RM8, it was even better than in Kepong Happy City food court. The flavours were very well balanced, which is hardly easy to achieve with this kind of soup. It wasn’t TOO salty from the ham choy(salted veg), neither was it TOO sour from sour plum (which is often in the soup, though i didn’t spot any)

tofuWe also ordered sizzling plate tofu.. which was also a RM12 plate of deliciousness. I know i may seem to be exaggerating about the food, but it really and truly was tasty!

And boy were we full after this meal. inclusive of drinks, and rice, the bill came up to RM50..

Food: 8.5/10 | Price: 7/10 | Service: 7/10 | Ambience: 6.5/10

Restoran Leong YA INDAH: No.26-28, Jln Dagang SB 4/1, Taman Sg. Besi Indah SK4, Balakong, 43300 Sri Kembangan, Selangor | Tel: 03-89415942

After dinner, we drove around Putrajaya to show my gramps were all our tax money goes to. lol..

putrajayaAs beautiful as it may be, sometimes you wonder, is it worth it?

putraWell, i’ll let you think about it. lol..

We walked off our fullness at Alamanda for a bit..

Then had a long drive back home.. will satisfied tum tums! OF which, mine is growing bigger.. due to excessive food.


anyway, i’ll post about Sunday’s eats in a next post! TA!



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