Back to college

It feels this way cos last week felt like a holiday week due to the cancellation of two lectures, and two classes..

So today was back to college.. 😦

But having breakfast with dear made it so much more wonderful! There’s just something so comforting about having brekkie with someone you love, and spending a morning with them, before going to something not as fun..

Anyway, breakfast was at Old Town White Coffee in Aman Puri..

Since it was a weekday, it means their weekday promo brekkies were on.. so i intended to have the set with bread and eggs, but they wouldn’t let me change the kaya toast to PB.. so i had this instead..

barHoney Almond Flax kashi TLC.. just as yummy.. 🙂

kopicI think i’m falling in love with the Nanyang Kopi C (RM3.50) again.. but i only like it cold.. which is sad cos i find that cold drinks are consumed faster than hot.. so it goes down way too fast!

Dear had the Western Set (RM6.50) + RM1 for white milk tea

westernsetWe only found out that it had no fries (unlike ala carte RM7.90) when we asked for less salt on the fries. turns out the set doesn’t come with fries. oh well. so much for looking forward to it.

milkteaThe bill came up to RM12.10..

I normally just come here cos i can get a good cuppa, for less than Starbucks (still my FAV) price.. though actually. comparing portion to price, it’s about the same.. hehe.

Food: 6.5/10 | Coffee: 8/10 | Price: 6.5/10 | Ambience: 8/10

Old Town White Coffee: 1-21A, Jalan Desa 1/3, Desa Aman Puri, 52100, Kepong, Selangor

Dropped by Bandar Menjelara for dear to pay some bills. I spotted the new and upcoming Tesco! Can’t wait! cos it means no need to cross the toll to get to Tesco.. yes, i’m in love with supermarkets.. i do not know why.. lol..

Thank God that when i got to class, the lecturer hadn’t start yet. Today’s lecture on AFA was alright. not too boring. but i’m getting abit jittery about exams + IB assignment. My lecturer didn’t explain cos he said he would take too long.. what a reason. Anyway, the book STILL hasn’t arrived, plus we took an extra long 5 min break during IB to have lunch.

prawnsI wanted Sotong, which pik san said was available in the morning.. what was left was overfried prawns. oh well.. and i grabbed a Pepsi Light, which really really makes one feel uber full! This combo cost me RM3.30-what a rip off!! Sigh..this is what a  college cafeteria in Malaysia is like..

barHehe.. i know.. it’s been ages since i SHOULD’ve finished the  Special K youghurty drizzle, according to the expiry date. but i tossed it in the fridge, and had one today for lunch. still good to eat! 🙂

Gramps picked me up from college today, and we had a quick Nonya Colors/Little Cravings..

tongsuiYou just know how much i heart this tong sui right? I think their red bean soup is the best! So thick. and just look at the amount of red beans! And i didn’t even need to request for extra this time. As pricey as it may be, RM3.50, it’s good!

abcAnd also one of the best ABC (Ais batu campur) RM3.80.. i love the “fillingS” at the bottom.. red beans and smooth cincau.. the sweetness from the gula melaka (palm sugar) is delish!

kuehAlso some kueh. Yellow one is Ubi Kayu (tapioca i think).. RM0.90, which was really good, gramps had another one each. The other is Kueh Lapis.. which is also good.. better than Mama Nonya..

I bought another upcoming birthday present, and we went home..

For which, i had some nuts, and a coffee..

And a run! hehe. no situps but some weights today..

And after that.. a naner…

nanerlooking something like this..

bathe.. and dinner..

Unfortunately, dinner wasn’t good..

We wanted to go to Hoppy today for a last round since they’re moving, but turns out, they’re packing earlier than usual. So we decided to try Soon Heong, behing Hoppy in Aman Puri.

Gramma said it’s time we save some moolah.. so we just ordered two plates of noodles..

yeemeeThis was alright.. the noodles were crispy ish and had a bite to it. BUT the gravy was really bland.. and the prawns were tiny..

noodles1The yin yiong on the other hand.. was not good at all.. the kueh teow, unlike in Shiang Hee, was tasteless.. and the mi hun wasn’t crispy either. The gravy, was too bland too..

and we ended up giving most of the pork the a stray dog by our table..

Sigh, i kinda had high hopes for this place cos i was hoping we would return in the future. i spotted a couple of dishes i would like. but looks like we may not. but grampa said, maybe they’re not good at Hokkien/Cantonese dishes since it IS essentially a Teochew Seafood shop..

anyway, after the disappointing dinner, grampa had two heong piah we bought from a guy who was walking around seling Chinese pastry. I had the outer layer of one, and an egg biscuit. Will upload the pics later.. but it’s time for me to sleep soon..

Ta for now!



4 thoughts on “Back to college

  1. Hi Jace,

    Thanks for your message dear! =) You are indeed an inspiration in trying to lead a balanced, healthful life!

    About the bars… I’d love to be able to deliver them to Malaysia however, I don’t know how payment can be transacted unfortunately. =( Maybe you should come visit Singapore some time! Hehe. Or if you live around JB, then perhaps we can work something out since that’s just across the causeway.

    Keep up what you’re doing hun! Have a beautiful week!!

    Nat xx

  2. wow!i am really amazed to have found your blog here!!As a malaysian, i felt that i m kinda lost connection with msia ever since i came Korea! It’s been 5 years in Korea. have hardly gone back due to the overloaded homeworks…+.+
    Ur blog has done a good job in making me drooling!!!!!I really miss msian food:P yum yum~~~

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