Eggy dinner

Ok.. i think i’m like on a binge spree the last two days.. cos of my stupid bar lunch, i had alot of snacks at around 4..

nuts, honey comb biscuit, broad beans, pumpkin seeds, more nuts, “Hello Panda” biscuits..

sigh! not good!!!

Anyway, dear had to take us out for dinner cos the car was not in a condition to be driven due to the clutch problem.

Dinner was at Kepong Happy City food court. Really miss my O’Chien.

ochienWhich Grampa ordered without me asking him too.. yum.. crispy base with fluffy egg.. i did eat quite a bit of oysters with the chilli garlic dip.

mixBrinjals as usual.. I didn’t get anything else since i knew there was ochien.. and some peanuts.. i came just in time cos there wasn’t much brinjal left. Only RM1.. and the owner is a nice Myanmmar/Thai dude. Remembers that i do not want rice..ehehe.

Dear ordered some spaghetti..

spaghettii tried some of the sauce.. was sourish..

Gramps shared some wings.. (5 wings, RM2/each).. i like that it’s not too oily..

wingsi had the “side bone” of 4 wings.. yum.. haha.. i love to eat the crispy bits and some of the biteable bones (no, i’m not a dog).

Gramps also shared Thai Style Mi hun

mihuni had a big prawn and some of the veges (now you know why i don’t order much, i steal people’s food)

Grampa also ordered two Temakis, one for himself, and another for Dear, but we took home dear’s one which is sitting in the fridge now..

Got kinda annoyed with dear last night. For some reason.. he’s ALWAYS tired around me. always wanting to sleep. but other times he’s ok. Sigh..

i know.. i seem like an awful complainer.

Anyway, ta for now!



One thought on “Eggy dinner

  1. you know, the brdge that links singapore’s teensy island to malaysia 🙂
    so across the causeway=singapore!
    (or malaysia, depending on where you’re standing 😀 )

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