K Time

Plans were ruined today due to a clutch pad. Sigh..

Gramps car has been having some hard time climbing hills, etc.. so we let the mechanic check.. turns out.. the clutch pad is worn out. which means a RM500 dent in grandma’s wallet.. but i seriously think this mechanic is ripping us off, or grampa has bad driving skills.

The last time we changed the clutch was in Nov 08.. and we got our car in around 05/06.. which means the clutch lasted for a few years. now.. the new one we changed in o8 only lasts us not even a year?? That totally doesn’t make ANY sense..


it could be grampa who quite often drags the car.. press on the clutch..


if that’s the case, then how come the clutch lasted a long time before we changed it??

Sigh.. we haven’t decided where to send it to, but we’re not really happy with our current mechanic..

our plans to go out and have lunch, walk about before coming back, and me cooking dinner were ruined. The mechanic recommended that we do not drive the car too far in case it stalls.

so we went to a nearby coffee shop: Ah Niu coffeeshop selling fishball noodles. i’m not too fond of it, so i had a K Time Twist which i didn’t eat yesterday..

ktimeI realised that Kellogg’s products don’t exactly have the BEST nutrional profile/ingredients list. (maybe except the all bran products). Anyway, for 120 cals, it was quite good taste wise.. but i do not really like that it’s soft. i prefer “harder/chewier/crunchier” ones. this was more like a cake than a bar. the filling was Raspberry and apple.. quite tart/sweet.. only disappointment was the texture.

All of us came home, with no “mood” anymore because of the car..

Grandma wasn’t feeling well because of “Foong” / wind/ bloating/ flatulence in her stomach.

I won’t give you the details of what happened in the car..

but she STILL refuses to see the doctor about her stomach..

Came home, and had an apple..

appletopped with some PBU.. i diluted it slight more (with soy milk) than my first time.. so it was easier to drizzle, and not too thick..

ate more nuts, 2 prunes.. and more nuts? hehe.. i heart ’em..

anyway, i’m off to research about International HRM, Value chains.. and international marketing mix..

How fun.




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