Pudding mess..

Just for the record..

mtyI consumed this mat tou yau last night while watching tv! hehe.. yum.. sweet taters, atapci (palm fruit), red bean, lotus seeds..

No BPC class today.. so i slept back after sending dear off for work..

no BPC, which means class only starts at 11! i woke up at about 720 am. had a coffee..

coffeeAnd pre workout snack was..

kayai toasted it extra long – by accident.. it was a beautiful accident!! toasty and crispy!! yum… but this is the last one.. 😦

workout was usual run + weights..

brekkie was..

mixyoghurt pudding mess!

I used Handi Snaks..

handitopped with all sorts of toppings..

bunchesplus some all bran flakes.. cashews.. almonds, flax seed.. and consumed with a teaspoon coated with honey roasted pb (skippy)..

mixNo wonder they look the same color.. i love this mess!!! what a delicious mess! hehe.. i love eating it with bits of pb with each mouthful!!

Had a couple of extra nuts on the side, plus a prune..

followed gramps for THEIR brekkie at OK coffee shop in Taman Tun, where i got me a pineapple..

pineappleyum… so sweet.. unfortunately, grandma’s hope of having some curry laksa was ruined when we found out the stall owners had gone on a holiday till next tuesday.. so they had a “pau” each and sent me to college..

Today. AFA was quite fun! hehe.. About leasing.. very mathematical.. i seriously miss doing maths (i know you think i must be out of my mind)

had a small lunch..

was supposed to have a coffee + my speciak K Time twists.. but.. i was tempted by this.

brinjalbrinjals & sotong!!! My fav cafeteria food.. lol.. this small plate cost me RM1.90.. sigh.. the brinjals were WAY too oily though.. so no k time twists for me today.

Gramps picked me up at 3.30pm, and we headed to dinner.. i’ll let you guess where we went

rotitisuRoti Tisu.. very tall.. where else but KAYU!!!!!!! hehe.. Kayu Aman Suria!! but this is so expensive.. RM5.. but so good.. i know not good for health either.. i asked for less oil.. 😉 Shared them with gramps

had a teh C 3 layer


It was alright, but i will not order it again cos other places sell them cheaper.. in Kayu, they sell it for RM3.80!! o.o

Gramma had a Roti Canai, while grampa had his fav puttumayam.. and I had a small bowl of dalca..

dropped by Tesco to buy some groceries.. i do not know why i love grocery shopping! i’m just so fascinated. hehe..

got home and had some other snacks due to a light dinner.

Snacks includeD:

  • prune
  • honey comb biscuit
  • nuts
  • broad beans

I didn’t talk to dear the whole day.. he dropped his phone in some water.. and he can’t switch it on.. 😦

i’m off to do some blog reading + studying!


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