Real food…. sorta..

dinner was kinda my version of packaged real food.. sorry! it’s just so troublesome to cook for one..


dinner consisted of some couscous..

lightchoicesFrom Tesco Light choices rangeMoroccan style couscous.  i was so excited when i found this. it’s actually for snack, but since i AM on a diet, i’m having it as PART of dinner.. so easy to prep.. Just at boiling water.. and cover for 5 mins.

coucousOk.. i have to admit. it doesn’t look as good as the one on the cover of the container, but it was yummy.. i added some Maggi seasoning, but i realised, it’s not really needed.. it’s well seasoned. I would always expect light food to taste bland, but so far, Tesco light choices has not failed me for something light & reasonably priced.. considering it’s made in the UK. I topped it with some nuts & dried out peas to add some crunch!

Also used up a green pepper i had in the fridge.

greenpepperHalf a green pepper + 3 tsp of eggplant starter..

1dipyum… i love this.. so eggplantish.. i use it as a dip instead of a starter though..

Also had other munchies.. nuts, and some kuachi (sunflower seeds with shells). and a prune!

That’s all for dinner.. sorry for posting now only cos i had to study!


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