Cancelled again???

Ok..i know i’m supposed to be delighted to find out that my class is cancelled.. but i’m not!

  1. i woke up early to run so i could make it in time for class
  2. it’s the second time, which means 2 classes have to be replaced..which means a packed week ahead..

Sigh.. i didn’t see Samuel’s (friend, classmate, class rep) sms until before i left. But Thank God i decided to have a look at my phone before leaving the house. I was practically on the way to putting my stuff in the car and shoot off.. Anyway, so means that class starts at 1, but i have to get to campus by 1130am to complete my duty (scholarship requirement) at the accommodations dept. Sigh.

Anyways, foods this morning involved..

3 pieces of Gullon biscuits before workout.. Workout involved run + weights..

Watched half an episode of Women’s Murder club while sweat was drying.. i find the series quite comedic. hehe.. but CSI-ish at the same time-not as “sciency”..

Brekkie at first involved..

coffeecoffee.. yum!

nanerNaner and PBU.. i think i should’ve added more soy milk to me PBU, cos it got kinda thick after setting in the fridge..

And nuts.


I seriously wish nuts didn’t have so much cals. i could practically live on them! so good!!

I have some extra cashews i bought from a man selling by the pavement at PJ State. Kinda pitied him, so i bought one packet.. was RM4, but since i had 5, he gave me half a pack more! So nice of him..

Well, that was supposed to be all for brekkie.. and a bar to be consumed in class.. but since class was cancelled.. i had my bar at home..

kashiHoney almond flax chewy kashi.. yum.. this is my fav so far out of the kashi bar range..

Helped grandma plant the curry leaves just now.. we got the plant from the nearby house/shop. The indian owner was kind enough to give us a plant though he was actually selling the leaves.. 🙂

Hopefully it will grow though it is slanting a little right now. And hopefully Max won;t eat it all!




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