back to work!

sigh. i feel like i’m back on my internship..

today, reached my campus at 1130am to help the accommodations dept as part of my scholarship requirement..  i know i’m like making a huge deal out of it.. but seriously.. i feel like it’s taking time away from me cos i’m supposed to be FOCUSING on my studies in hopes that i can maintain my scholarship.. but if they keep asking me to do this, how am i going to study?

anyway, they asked me to do some filing.. did it till 1pm so much so i had no time for lunch..

managed to eat my kashi bar right outside class cos the group who was using the room came out late..

barsorry i always use the same pic. i seem to always be in the rush when i eat this bar. hehe.. but it’s a good and yummy bar!

Anyways, IB class was kinda boring. i’m still waiting on the lecturers to discuss the assignment. gosh. i can’t believe it’s END of OCTOBER.. which means exams are soon! Assignment deadlines are soon! ARGH!

it was the last day for one of our IB lecturers.. another lecturer will be replacing him.

after class.. i had to go back and help out again at the accommodations dept! and when i was done filing, they wanted me to do more stuff!! but i kinda said i needed to beat the jam, so the guy let me off but ask me to return. i wonder how long i’d have to help them out. they’ll make me lose my friends! i didn’t meet Pik San/Svun this week!

So i managed to get home at about 440pm.. had some carrots to get some vege into my day..

carrotshad them with the peanut sauce i made last sunday. i ate this on the pre-empt that dinner wasn’t going to be till 7.. then before i could even finish my carrots, grandma said, ” come, lets go for dinner”…

sigh, luckily i decided to eat just carrots and not another energy bar..

We decided to have dinner at Hoppy in Aman Puri, considering we were having EARLY dinner, and not many places were prepped for dinner.

Turns out, this branch was closing due to the owner of the building selling it. they’re moving to Puchong..

So instead of having noodles as planned, we decided to have a good meal since it would probably be our last time eating here since they’re moving at the end of the month.

Had to order a Thai Style beancurd (RM8). it’s what they’re good for..

rofuyum.. almost always a must here when we order rice + dishes.. the tofu is so good. i have to admit, it’s pricier than Shiang Hee, but for this particulat dish, i think it’s much better (though portion is also smaller).


brinjalhonestly, i was shocked when i saw the price. RM10 for brinjal?? I would have rather ordered a large tofu, than this.. this was mediocre. Fried with ha mai (dried shrimps). it was alright.. i guess it would’ve been better if we had not requested for it to be not spicy..

porkGrandma finally decided on a “ku loo yuk” RM10.. which is breaded chunks of pork fried in tomato sauce. This was good. Grandma liked it, considering it’s hard to fulfill her “taste buds” these days..

Finally ordered an extra dish-Fu Yoong Tan (Egg in Foo Yoong Style) RM7..

eggThis was dish actually was not necessary cos i’m sure we could’ve been satisfied with the first 3 dishes.. oh well.. but it was tasty!

hehe.. Bill came up to RM40 something cents. inclusive of 1 big rice, 1 small rice, 3pax of chrysanthemum tea.

Food: 7.5/10 | Price: 6/10 | Ambience: 7/10 | Service: 8/10

Hoppy Kepong/Aman Puri branch–>moving to Puchong at the end of the month

On the way home, i spotted Mat Toh Yau! Am going to have it now..

dear’s coming later.. but quite late.. 😦

Off to dessert!



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