Sweet soup

Hehe. that’s what i had for lunch.. Tong Sui. Yum..

Grampa’s dentist appointment was only at 3.30pm, which left us quite awhile to linger around after lunching. So we headed to 1 Utama for lunch + to fix Grandma’s glasses..

Lunch was at Little Cravings..

Used to be a small shop, but now it has expanded.. it’s near Cold Storage.. and i’ve always LOVED the tong sui here.

And today’s special was Green bean soup (lok Tou).. Me and granpa’s fav!! but i couldn’t decide between green or red, so we ordered one each.. i love the red bean cos it has huge red beans inside, not like some places with very little mashed up ones.

greenredRm3.50/bowl is not cheap, but it’s GOOD tong sui. I think this is the only one i really love.. i asked for more red beans when ordering, but the lady didn’t seem friendly. so when it came, i asked for more.. and they gladly gave more.


This is to show you how big the beans are and how much they give.. this is half of what i ate.. yum!!! i want more.. hehe.. also had some of granpa’s green bean one since i didn’t order anything else. Though the green bean wasn’t as piping hot as preferred, but granpa still wiped the bowl clean cos even he, with his high standards thought it was good.

Gramps each ordered a plate of curry chee cheong fun.. RM3.90

curryI tried some, was quite good.. i love the fried onions and shrimp topping. but granma said it was alright only and thought the standard dropped abit.

Granma wanted an Ais Kacang.. RM3.80

abcWithout cendol and jagung (corn).. hehe.. that’s always the request.. Yum.. but not as much “liu” (ingredients) as previously.. cost cutting??

After that, i walked around.. hunting for upcoming birthday presents.. got a few in mind.

Grabbed a Rotiboy-mind you! i didn’t have anything solid for lunch! hehe.. Excuses.

rotiboyThis time the Rotiboy didn’t look as GOOD as this. it was kinda smashed up.. little disappointing cos the topping seemed to be less.. RM1.80.. ate the topping and gave the rest to Max when i came home.. hehe.. he’s one happy dog!

While waiting for granpa extracting his tooth, we had drinks at a nearby Indian shop, Restoran Nisha. Somewhere around PJ state area.. This place is worth mentioning because they had:

onionDeep fried battered onions-in small crispy little bits!! Onion lovers paradise!! Omg.. so good!! It’s sweet.. and crispy!! i nearly wanted another bag.. but then i looked at my body.. and went.. “boy, soon i won’t be able to fit in my clothes”.. sigh.. but i’ll be sure to come back for more of these..

I had a 3 layer Teh C..

tehcWas alright, but not the best.

Granpa looks like bugs bunny now with his tooth removed, and a cotton place in the cavity to prevent bleeding! lol..

wow. time flies.. it’s already 6pm.. i’m off to study bit..



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